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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Marzo, 2019
    Viet Nam, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    The study provides a framework to estimate the health risk of farmers using wastewater in agriculture.
    The study addresses the SDG 6.3: to contribute to inform water recycling and reuse.
    Exposure to wastewater via contact with Nhue River water, pond water and composted excreta represents an important health risk.
    Study results are useful in developing an integrated strategy for risk management in the agricultural settings.

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    Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk in 2017
    Informes e investigaciones
    Enero, 2018

    As human rights defenders around the world put their lives on the line to challenge dictators, destructive multi-national corporations, religious conservatives, and oppressive regimes, there pervades a well-resourced and coordinated strategy of defamation, criminalisation and violence deployed to intimidate, marginalise and silence peaceful, powerful activists. The human cost has been high. More than 300 human rights defenders were murdered in 2017. Yet, in spite of this violence, there are more HRDs, working on more issues, in more countries, than ever before.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Diciembre, 2004

    The trans-European transport network has different effects at macro-regional, mezzo-regional and micro-regional level, and on urban systems development, and its effectiveness rises at the lower regional levels. Possible approaches to the trans-European transport network impact and effect survey and policy options have been pointed out. The importance of increased accessibility and mobility for regional expansion and for more balanced and polycentric system of city networks has been underlined.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Enero, 2012
    Indonesia, Reino Unido

    Traffic congestion has been a major problem in many cities in Indonesia, thus requiring abetter transport policy. Many developed countries, including the United Kingdom, has beenimplementing the integrated transport policy to replace traditional transport policy that focuson only building roads to anticipate traffic demand. This paper provides a highlight on theimplementation of integrated transport policy in the United Kingdom. Some key issues thatcan be learnt by the Indonesian government from their experience are discussed.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Julio, 2016

    Legally, the main purpose of land registration is to create legal certainty and ensure the protection of the law. But at the level of its implementation, the legal certainty of land registration is yet to be felt by the community. This means that in fact along our lives are still considered to be no legal certainty of the existence of land registration in this country, because the certificate has not fully guarantee the land rights of a person. This fact needs to be overcome by transplanting certainty and legal protection in the system of registration of land rights with justice.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Diciembre, 2002

    As elsewhere in the ex-communist/socialist countries, the former planning system in Yugoslavia has been dismantled as from the beginning of 1990s, and the planning practice has from then onwards been steered by an apart mixture of old habits, few institutional innovations and the social, economic and political turbulence of the transition period.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Diciembre, 2009

    A relatively high degree of conflicts between development and developmental goals is an objective condition that one has to face in planning in large mining basins. Numerous conflicts exist: between wider public larger social interests (land occupation, removal-power production), short-term and long-term goals, specific and general aims, etc.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Diciembre, 2016

    In broader terms, the paper refers to the topic of brownfield regeneration, as one of the most complex mechanisms for sustainable spatial development. In addition to the fact that brownfield regeneration demands a variety of instruments, such as: tax subsidies, the change of land use ownership, soil remediation, planning regulative amendments, etc., the complexity of brownfield regeneration is primarily seen in a number of stakeholders participating in such a process.

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    Publicación revisada por pares
    Julio, 2016

    Indonesia rich the natural resources, such the coal mineral deposits. But in the fact state control of the coal mine is more substance for investment purposes. The economic rights of the people have not been accommodated. There is still often conflicting relating to land by the public. From the historical arrangements control of natural resources since the Dutch era was indeed the economic factor of investment into primary interest and not for the people prosperity that result in people's economic rights unprotected.

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