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    PNG: land and conflict
    Políticas Nacionales
    Marzo, 2014
    Papua Nueva Guinea

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that conflicts over land and extractive resource developments are on the rise across Papua New Guinea. These micro-level conflicts have the potential to scaleup and feed into large-scale armed conflicts—such as those that occurred on Bougainville and in neighbouring Solomon Islands—which require costly external intervention. Against this backdrop, this paper examines PNG’s legally-mandated land mediation system in theory and practice. A number of weaknesses are identified and described; and a case study of an apparently successful “hybrid” approach is discussed.

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    Octubre, 2014
    Sierra Leona

    Being an Act to amend the Companies Act, 2009.

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    Octubre, 2014

    The Law determines principles for land management in Latvia. Its purpose is to promote sustainable use and protection of land.

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    Octubre, 2014

    The Law, consisting of 69 articles divided into seventeen Chapters, establishes the requirements for Soil and Water Conservation. Its implementation is based on the following principles: participation; cohesiveness; balance; justice; usefulness; local wisdom; and sustainability.

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    Mayo, 2014

    La presente Ley establece normas orientadas a garantizar a todas las personas el efectivo ejercicio del derecho al acceso a la información pública, a través de la implementación de las modalidades, plazos, excepciones y sanciones correspondientes, que promuevan la trasparencia del Estado.

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    Noviembre, 2014
    Viet Nam

    This Law, consisting of 183 articles divided into 13 Chapter, prescribes rural and urban house ownership, development, management and use; house transactions; and state management of housing in Vietnam. Transactions of purchase, sale, lease or lease-purchase of commercial houses of real estate businesses and cooperatives must comply with the law on real estate business. This Law applies to organizations, households and individuals involved in urban and rural house ownership, development, management, use and transactions, and state management of housing in Vietnam.

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    Diciembre, 2014

    This Law, consisting of 3 Chapters divided into 22 articles, establishes the principles, guidelines and objectives of the Territorial Development Policy of the State of Bahia, and creates the State Council of Territorial Development (CEDETER) and the Territorial Sustainable Development Collegial Agencies (CODETERs). It establishes spaces of social participation and relationship between the representations of the civil society and government authorities federal, state and municipal.

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    Diciembre, 2014

    This Law cancels certain provisions part of the Law on hilly and mountainous areas (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia 12/2002, 32/2002, 117/2003, 42/2005, 90/2005, 80/2008 and 148/2013).Changes are regarding the cancellation of the provisions stipulated by the article 7c related to the income tax regime of the local self-government areas.

    Amends: Law on hilly and mountainous areas. (2002-01-25)

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    Julio, 2014

    This Law consisting of 48 articles aims to provide with respect to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Kuwait and replaces Law No.7 of 2008.A public Authority called Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects shall be established. Authority’s board of directors shall be the Higher Committee for Public-Private Partnership Projects. Established by a decree, it is chaired by the Minister of Finance.

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