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    Julio, 2002

    This Law is composed of 7 Parts divided into 68 articles. Part I deals with fundamental principles and general provisions. Part II provides for regulating the environment protection especially the following matters: environmental planning; Environment National Council; financing environment protection through the establishment of a national environmental fund; and the mechanism of environmental pollution control. Part III refers to the Environment Information System and the participation in environment management and protection. Part IV relates to the Environmental Impact Assessment.

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    Abril, 2012

    This Decree consisting of 55 articles aims at regulating the agricultural land reclamation in Syria. Part I deals with the rules for the Agricultural Land Reclamation while Part II deals with the Distribution of irrigated reclaimed land. Article 1 states that the Minister of Irrigation may, in accordance with the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform and after taking the opinion of the General Union of Farmers, declare a public benefit in the reclamation of lands in any area of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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    Diciembre, 2015

    This Law consisting of 5 articles aims at regulating the ownership of agricultural lands and orchards excluded from the previous settlement acts or still not settled within and out the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad. This in view of the urban development that has occurred on many agricultural lands that became not suitable for agricultural exploitation.

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    Enero, 2004

    This Law is aimed at: protecting the coastal environment, restoring and preserving coasts as a resource of unique value, and preventing and reducing as much as possible any damage to them; preserving the coastal environment and the coastal sand for the benefit and enjoyment of the public, for present and future generations; and establishing principles and limitations for the sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment. Under the law, sea and shore are considered one integral unit that extends from Israel's territorial waters to 300 meters inland.

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    Octubre, 1984

    The Decree sets out the general conditions for the transfer of ownership of government lands to the Omani citizens under their personal request. It also sets forth rules with respect to land ownership and land use rights. The conditions for granting residential lands, commercial and industrial lands or agricultural lands are stated in the Decree.The authorities of reference are the Ministry of Land Affairs and the municipalities.

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    Mayo, 1994

    Soil protection is the state problem since correct and rational use of all types of soil, including barren soil, saline soils, swamped soil, alkali soil and aqueous soil are the main reserve of dynamic development of agriculture and of the national economy as a whole. The purpose of the present Law is to ensure the integrity of soil surface, conservation thereof and rise of soil fertility, to establish the rights and the duties of landholders, landowners and the state in the field of soil protection and setting up conditions for ecological production. The Law consists of 11 Articles.

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    Mayo, 1980

    This Law consisting of 6 articles specifies how many hectares of land it is possible to own, divided by land types as follows (i) irrigated land; (ii) rain-fed areas with fruit trees; and (iii) rain-fed land. The Law also considers cases in which the indicated limit can be exceeded.

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    Junio, 2005

    The Law regulates spatial planning and urban development in Georgia. It consists of five chapters: General provisions (I); Agencies responsible for planning, stages of planning and hierarchy (II); Spatial-territorial planning of the country and municipalities (III); Spatial-territorial planning of settlements (IV); and Transitional and final provisions (V). The purpose of the Law is to support sustainable development of the country, and providing safe environment for the public.

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    Mayo, 2012

    This Decree consisting of 14 articles aims at determining the mandatory assets to be followed in order to assess the potential environmental effects of any proposed policy, plan, program, study, investment or organization affecting a Lebanese area or sector of activity in order to ensure that these projects are suitable for public health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources.

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    Irán, Asia occidental, Asia, Asia meridional

    The Act is the Statute of the Urban Land Organization as a subordinate department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The main duty of the Organization is to implement the rules and regulations regarding the lands which are inside of city limits. The Organization consists of a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, an Executive Manager and an Inspector. The Statute consists of 22 articles divided into 3 chapters: General Provisions (I); Structure (II); Miscellaneous provisions (III).

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