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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012

    This report suggests that a new and explicit goal of sustainable development to be agreed as a result of Rio+20 should be the reduction of the rate of land degradation to achieve land degradation neutrality, which we refer to as “Zero Net Land Degradation” or ZNLD.

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    Diciembre, 2012

    This infographic builds on the Regional Dialogue on Women’s Inclusion in Landscape Management,
    organized by WOCAN in partnership with RECOFTC and The Forests Dialogue, 7-9 Oct. 2014, Thailand

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Enero, 2013

    markdownabstractConcerns about the potential gender and equity implications of land-related investments on labour and
    income-generating opportunities and access, use and control of land come in the context of the current
    global policy interest in supporting agricultural investment in developing countries in general.
    However, there is a long history of land-related investments in developing countries, particularly
    agricultural investments, which partially explains the current concerns. Over the last 60-70 years,

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012
    África oriental

    The security of women’s entitlement to land and land-based resources in the East Africa region has been compromised by a combination of unfavourable laws and government policies, socio-economic change toward greater commoditization of and competition for land and land-based resources, and exclusionary practices defended as ‘customary’. Law, policy, and practice have excluded women in land ownership and control and made their access tenuous.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012

    This paper analyses the impact of a low cost and restricted rights land certification program on the productivity of female-headed households. The analysis is based on plot level panel data from the East Gojjam and South Wollo Zones in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The results suggest a positive and significant effect of certification on plot-level productivity, particularly on plots rented out to other operators.

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    governing land

    A technical guide to support the achievement of responsible gender-equitable governance of land tenure

    Manual y guías
    Enero, 2013

    The guide focuses on equity and on how land tenure can be governed in ways that address the different needs and priorities of women and men. It moves away from long-standing debates about gender equality in access to land, towards the mainstreaming of gender issues to achieve more gender-equitable participation in the processes and institutions that underlie all decision-making about land.

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    A Guide On Land And Property Rights In Pakistan
    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2012

    ‘A Guide on Land and Property Rights in Pakistan’ was designed and prepared to facilitate the basic understanding of the complex principles of the Pakistani land and revenue administration system. The first edition, printed in December 2011, was warmly received by lawyers, national civil society organisations, community leaders, local authorities, donor agencies, and international affairs organisations, engaged in relief, rehabilitation, development or other similar works that necessitate some basic understanding of the land administration system in Pakistan.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Mayo, 2012
    Indonesia, Global, Asia sudoriental

    While participation is seen as an important part of sustainable natural resource management, it is not always successful – a number of studies to date indicate conflicting values and power inequalities can significantly undermine participatory processes. A new paper in the Journal of Forest Policy and Economics examines another source of conflict: differing views of reality and underlying cultural biases.

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    Materiales institucionales y promocionales
    Enero, 2013
    Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Viet Nam, Asia sudoriental

    This presentation highlights the key outcomes for Phase I and II and looks ahead towards the objectives and expected outcomes of Phase III of the Norad supported Grassroots Capacity Building for REDD+ in Asia project.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Julio, 2012
    Asia sudoriental

    A national seminar on Gender, Forestry, and REDD+ was held on 27 July, 2012 at the Himawari Hotel in Phnom Penh. The seminar was initiated by Pact and organized in collaboration with WOCAN (Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources) and the Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC). The purpose of the seminar was to draw attention to the issues of gender in the forestry sector, with a specific focus on community forestry and REDD+.

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