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    Agosto, 2016

    This Act makes provision for the recognition, protection and registration of community land rights and also provides for conversion of community land, special rights and entitlements with respect to community land, environment and natural resources management of community land and settlement of disputes relating to community land.

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    Legislación y políticas
    Políticas Nacionales
    Marzo, 2015

    The Land Act, 2012

    The Land Registration Act, 2012

    The National Land Commission Act, 2012

    The Environment & Land Court Act, 2011

    The Urban Areas & Cities Act, 2011

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    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act provides with respect to the administration, structure, operations, powers, responsibilities and (additional) functions of the National Land Commission established by Article 67 of the Constitution and for certain aspects of management and administration of land in accordance with the principles of land policy set out in Article 60 of the Constitution and the national land policy.

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    An Act being an Act to amend the Administration of Estates Act, Cap 45.

    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act amends the Administration of Estates Act in sections 40 and 41 by substituting "one million leones" for the words "fifty pounds" wherever they occur in those sections. Those sections concern the administration of small estates

    Amends: Administration of Estates Act (Cap. 45). (1972)

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    An Act to provide for the appointment of an Administrator and Registrar General of Estates, and to regulate the administration of estates and the distribution of intestate estate and for other purposes.

    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act concerns the administration of real estate and personal property of a deceased person by an administrator or executor by will. The Act also makes provision for the distribution of estates under intestate and other administration or disposal of assets. The Administrator and Registrar General shall initiate the procedure for Letters of Administration. The estate of every person dying intestate after the date of the operation of this Act shall devolve upon the Administrator and Registrar-General.

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    An Act of Parliament to amend, define and consolidate the law relating to intestate and testamentary succession and the administration of estates of deceased persons; and for purposes connected therewith and incidental thereto

    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act provides for matters of succession to and protection and administration of property of a deceased person. Succession to rights can be intestate or on the basis of a will. The Act also sets out rules for the construction of wills.Except so far as expressly authorized by this Act, or by any other written law, or by a grant of representation under this Act, no person shall, for any purpose, take possession or dispose of, or otherwise intermeddle with, any free property of a deceased person.

    Implemented by: Probate and Administration Rules (Cap. 160). (2012-12-31)

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    An Act of Parliament to consolidate and modify the law in Kenya relating to the avoidance of future interests in property on grounds of remoteness and governing accumulations of income from property.

    Kenya, África oriental, África

    This Act provides for matters relating to interests, i.e. perpetuities and accumulations in (immovable) property. It, among other things: provides for the vesting of the interests, duration, interests regarding (leases of) land, restrictions on accumulations in general, and restriction on accumulation for the purchase of immovable property.

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