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    Asistencia técnica para el fortalecimiento del acceso a la justicia para las mujeres en materia de derechos y conflictos referidos al uso y tenencia de la tierra en el marco de la Reforma Rural Integral contenida en el Acuerdo de Paz de Colombia

    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Febrero, 2020

    La pertinencia de esta Guía procede de los diagnósticos previamente realizados. En ellos se identificó que las mujeres rurales experimentan distintos obstáculos para acceder a la justicia y a la tierra, como la discriminación estructural, el desconocimiento general acerca de sus derechos sobre la tierra y sobre temas relacionados con situaciones de violencia de género. También se identificó que las mujeres tienen necesidad de obtener información sobre cómo acceder a la justicia para poder hacer efectivos sus derechos.

  2. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Febrero, 2011
    Viet Nam

    Cuốn sách hướng dẫn này cung cấp nền tảng cơ sở cho việc phát triển hướng dẫn quốc gia cụ thể về Đồng thuận dựa trên nguyên tắc Tự nguyện, Trước và được Thông tin đầy đủ trong REDD+.

  3. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Agosto, 2016
    Asia sudoriental

    This training manual has thus been developed to enhance the knowledge and skills in gender mainstreaming, including gender analysis and the integration of the findings from the analysis into the design of forestry interventions. This manual is particularly relevant for forestry-related interventions and practices that seek to promote participation and reduce the inequality that exists between forestdependent women and men, especially among marginalized people living in rural areas.

  4. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Septiembre, 2018
    Asia sudoriental

    The Rights-based Approach (RBA) allows local communities, or others who are marginalized, excluded or discriminated (the rights holders), to exercise their rights; and for institutions, organizations or other agencies (the duty bearers) to provide support towards equitable and inclusive development programmes that benefit them. RBA interventions can address inequities and disparities evident in these communities. In the context of the management of forested landscapes, RBA emphasizes the rights of local communities for fair benefits, access to resources, secure tenure and gender equity.

  5. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Abril, 2012
    Global, Asia sudoriental

    The principle that indigenous peoples and local communities have a right to give or withhold their Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) to developments affecting natural resources is not new. However, experience using FPIC in REDD+ implementation is still limited in the Asia-Pacific region, and there are few materials that explain and train practitioners in its concepts and practice. There is still subjective understanding of the terms and requirements of FPIC, influenced by both cultural interpretations and interests. 

  6. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Agosto, 2017
    Sierra Leona

    We, leaders of groups of women affected by the expansion of industrial monoculture plantations, particularly oil palm plantations, coming from all regions in Sierra Leone and different countries from West and Central Africa;

    We, national and international organizations involved in the struggle for the rights of women and local communities in Africa, Latin America and Asia, signatories of this declaration, met from 14 to 15 August 2017 in Port Loko, Sierra Leone.

  7. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Abril, 2017

    This guide is intended for practitioners who are confronted with land conflicts in the course of their work or are in a position to prevent them and/or include land governance as one pillar in their policies. It aims to broaden the understanding of the complexity of causes that lead to land conflicts in order to provide for better-targeted ways of addressing such conflicts, and provides a number of tools with which to analyse land disputes. In addition, this guidebook discusses a wide variety of options and tools for settling ongoing land conflicts and for preventing new ones.

  8. Library Resource
    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Julio, 2018

    The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is an alliance of international partners contributing to poverty alleviation and the Sustainable Development Goals through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure, through the development and implementation of inclusive and gender-responsive land tools.

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