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    The Feminization of Agriculture with Chinese Characteristics
    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2012
    Asia, China

    The objectives of this paper are to help build a picture of the role of women in China’s agriculture, to assess whether or not agricultural feminization has been occurring, and if so, to measure its impact on productivity. To meet these goals, we rely on three datasets that allow us to explore who is working on China’s farms and the effects of the labor allocation decisions of rural households on productivity. We find that since 2000, the role of women has increased both in the supply of farm labor and in the duties that women take on in the management of farms.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    Official Reply of the State Council with regard to the approval of the Land Use Plans 1997-2010 of Beijing. Beijing is the capital city of China and the political and culture center, which has large population with limited land. The Reply approves the Plans and emphasizes to strengthen the administration of land resources. By the year of 2010, the reduction of cultivated land shall not exceed 23940000 qing (= 6.6667 hectares), the basic farmland shall be 299330000 qing, the land use for construction shall be controlled within 610 square kilometers.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    The purposes of these Measures are to intensify the protection of arable land, regulate the examination on the balance between the occupation and supplement of arable land and supervise the entities that occupy arable land for non-agricultural construction. The Ministry of Land and Resources shall be responsible for carrying out these Measures.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Measures aim at strengthening land administration and control, enforcing the control of land uses, protecting cultivated land, and properly controlling the total amount of land for construction use.The text provides for the compilation, issuance, implementation, supervision and assessment of the annual plans on the utilization of land, and for annual plan quotas of land utilization.

    Implements: Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China. (2004-08-28)

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    ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ СОГЛАШЕНИЕ между Российской Федерацией и Китайской Народной Республикой о российско-китайской государственной границе на ее Восточной части.

    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Rusia, China, Europa oriental, Europa, Asia, Asia oriental

    The Parties have agreed to apply boundary survey in the middle of the main channel or in the middle of the main branch of the boundary rivers. The exact position of the main channel or of the main branch of the boundary rivers shall be established in the process of border demarcation and shall be mapped. Appurtenance of the islands shall be established in accordance with the position of the main channel or the main branch of border river. The Parties shall also demarcate air space and subsoil.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    Replied by state official letter No. 131 of 1999, it approves the Measures of Examination and Approval of Construction Land, which was submitted by the Ministry of Land Resources. The Measures include six Parts, i.e. 1) Limit of examination and approval, which is regulated in article 44 and 45 of the Land Administration Law. 2) Principle of examination and approval, which are to protect cultivated land and to ensure the use of construction land, etc.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Measures are formulated in order to exploit, utilize and manage the state-owned land in Lasa City, to strengthen the administration and to accelerate the development of the economy and town construction. Underground resources, burying or hidings and public facilities are not transferable. The city or county government and the land administration department shall be responsible for the task of assignment or transfer of the right to the use, rent and mortgage or terminating the right of use, and also the registration of the construction or the attachment of the land.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Measures consist of six Chapters. Chapter 1, General Provisions, provides for the land administration, it restricts the conversion of land. Chapter 2 concerns the ownership of the land. Chapter 3 regulates the management of the right of use. The provisions of the construction of state or collective land are in Chapter 4, including the application procedure of use for construction purpose. Provisions in Chapter 5 are concerning the individual construction use of land. Chapter 6 provides for the legal responsibilities. Chapter 7 contains the Supplementary Provisions.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    This Notice defines functions and the internal organization of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping which was established as a national bureau administered by the Ministry of Land and Resources.Main functions of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping include: organizing and administering the projects of basic surveying and mapping, national boundary surveying and mapping, and establishing, improving and administering the national surveying and mapping benchmarks and the surveying control system; drawing up plans and formulating technical standards and norms on cadastral surveying an

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