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    Monitoring land quality : assuring more   sustainable agricultural production systems cover image
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Septiembre, 1998

    Identification of Land Quality Indicators (LQIs) is a key requirement of sustainable land management. They are required to assess, monitor, and evaluate changes in the quality of land resources and environmental impacts. The Land Quality Indicator (LQI) program monitors the environment and the sector performance of managed ecosystems. The program is being developed on a national and regional scale, but it is also part of a larger global effort to improve natural resource management. The LQI program recommends addressing issues of land management by agroecological zones.

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    Growing better cities cover image

    Urban Agriculture for sustainable development

    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2006

    The United Nations predicts that over the next 25 years nearly all population growth will be in the cities of the developing world. At current rates, 60% of the world’s total population will live in cities by 2030. As the cities grow, so does the number of urban poor. Unemployment, hunger, and malnutrition are commonplace. In the big city, most of any cash income the poor might bring home goes to feeding themselves and staying alive; any food that does not have to be bought is a bonus.

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    Tree based carbon storage and land tenure cover image
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Octubre, 2010

    Tree-Based Carbon Storage in Developing Countries: Neglect of the Social Sciences Jon D. Unruha a Department of Geography, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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    Recursos y herramientas de capacitación
    Diciembre, 2012
    África, Sudáfrica

    Urban land markets have a profound effect on how well poor households are able to access the jobs, amenities and services offered in the city. But often the way in which this market works frustrate attempts to open up better located living and business opportunities for poorer urban households and communities, despite government policies and programmes intended to address these challenges. The challenge in South Africa is even larger because of worsening poverty and inequality, and the continuing growth of cities through urbanisation.

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    The Feminization of Agriculture with Chinese Characteristics
    Informes e investigaciones
    Junio, 2012
    Asia, China

    The objectives of this paper are to help build a picture of the role of women in China’s agriculture, to assess whether or not agricultural feminization has been occurring, and if so, to measure its impact on productivity. To meet these goals, we rely on three datasets that allow us to explore who is working on China’s farms and the effects of the labor allocation decisions of rural households on productivity. We find that since 2000, the role of women has increased both in the supply of farm labor and in the duties that women take on in the management of farms.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Argelia, África, África septentrional

    La présente stratégie élaborée, est un ensemble de procédés raisonnés, ordonnés, conceptuels et techniques qui définissent l’organisation de base du développement de la diversité biologique algérienne au sein d’un objectif de croissance économique et sociale.La stratégie est fondée sur des principes qui exploitent l’évaluation des menaces qui pèsent sur la diversité biologique, les perceptions de ses valeurs, sa connaissance, ses valorisations bioéconomiques, par les développements agricole, systémique, ethnobotanique, pharmaceutique, industriel et la mise en place de moyens législatifs, in

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    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados

    Le présent Acte Additionnel érige le Comité Inter-Etats des Pesticides d'Afrique Centrale (CPAC) en Institution spécialisée de l’Union Economique de l'Afrique Centrale (UEAC). Ses modalités d'organisation et de fonctionnement du CPAC seront redéfinies si nécessaire par Règlement du Conseil des Ministres de I'UEAC.

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    Madagascar, África, África oriental

    Le présent arrêté fixe les modalités d'application pour les opérations de délimitation d'ensemble consistant soit en simple constatation des occupations, soit en une constatation des droits de propriété par une ou plusieurs brigades topographiques.

    Met en oeuvre: Décret nº 2003-908 portant application de la loi nº 2003-029 modifiant certaines dispositions de l'ordonnance nº 60-146 du 3 octobre 1960 relative au régime foncier de l'immatriculation. (2003-09-02)

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    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    In Rule 8, relative to the issue of landownership registration certificates, a subsection relating to land-ownership certificates, has been added. Such certificates for land in areas prescribed by the Government shall be in the form as set out in the (new) Fifth Schedule. A new section (12A) gives power to the Government of Nepal to make amendments to the Schedules attached to the principal Rules.

    Amends: Land (Survey and Measurement) Rules, 1975. (1979-11-21)

  10. Library Resource
    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    Some Sub-rules are repealed thereby (Nos. 3,4,6,7) and Sub-rule 5 amended as per the filing of a complaint under Sub-rule 2.

    Amends: Land (Survey and Measurement) Rules, 1975. (1979-11-21)

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