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    Mayo, 2016

    This Act amends the Physical Planning Act in section 3 with respect to members of the Planning and Development Authority by replacing the Director of Development with the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Premier or his representative.

    Amends: Physical Planning Act (Cap. 8.03) (2013-01-01)

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    Febrero, 2016

    This Act provides with respect to local government in Jamaica.

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    Febrero, 2016

    This Act concerns the development, regulation, construction, management and control of Special Economic Zones in Jamaica. It establishes the Special Economic Zone Authority, which shall be a body corporate. It also creates a Special Economic Zone Fund. The Authority shall establish procedures for the marketing, initiation and conduct of negotiations in relation to the making of applications by sponsors for the entry into master-concessions and licence-agreements.

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    Septiembre, 2016
    Antigua y Barbuda

    This Act amends the Barbuda Land Act in section 2 (concerning the definition of "major development"), in section 6 (concerning the lease of land for major development, in section 8 (concerning the conversion of rights into leases and in section 11 (concerning administration and development of land.

    Amends: Barbuda Land Act, 2007 (No. 23 of 2007). (2007-11-16)

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    Junio, 2016
    Trinidad y Tabago

    This Act amends the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act in provisions concerning, among other things, establishment of Public Procurement Review Board and appeal from Review Board. It also inserts a new Part (VIa) on the disposal of state land, which may be subject to regulations made by the Minister, the State Lands Act notwithstanding.

    Amends: Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act, 2015 (No. 1 of 2015). (2015-01-14)

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    Noviembre, 2016

    This Act concerns the development and management of geothermal resources for purposes of obtaining geothermal energy. It establishes the Geothermal Resources Advisory Committee. “Geothermal energy” means the energy derived or derivable from and produced within the earth by natural heat phenomena, and includes geothermal water. The Geothermal Resources Advisory Committee shall advise the Minister on development of geothermal energy.

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