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    Febrero, 2016

    This Act continues District Courts established under the repealed Act as subordinate Courts of record, and those courts shall be constituted, empowered, administered and staffed in accordance with this Act. A District Court Judge has jurisdiction to hear and determine any action for the recovery of freehold land, or any interest in land, if the assessed capital value of that land or interest does not exceed $100,000, or the annual rental for that land does not exceed $20,000.

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    Febrero, 2016

    This Act amends the Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989 with respect to grant a lease of government land and allotment of such land without competition. It also concerns consent by the Land Board to dealings with leases. The Board shall not consent to a mortgage except for the erection of a dwelling on the land or to increase the production thereof or for the purchase of any unit estate under the Unit Titles Act 2009. Consequential amendments are made to section 23 of the Survey Act 2010.

    Amends: Lands, Surveys and Environment Act 1989. (2015-11-05)

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    Marzo, 2016
    Islas Cook

    These Regulations amend the Leases Restrictions Regulations 1977 by inserting new provisions in regulation 19 (added to the principal Regulations by the Leases Restrictions (Amendment) Regulations 2006) concerning grant of approval by the Tribunal to any lease or sublease or assignment of lease or assignment of sublease to. Approval may be granted to the government of New Zealand and any agency of that government at certain conditions.

    Amends: Leases Restrictions Regulations 1977. (1977-05-18)

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