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    An Act to provide for the taking of land for public purposes and for the payment of compensation therefore and for stopping roads.

    Samoa, Oceanía

    The Act concerns taking of private land by the State for public purposes, which are listed in this Act or which may, from time to time, be declared by the Head of State by Order. “Public purpose” includes "forestry, the control of coasts and rivers, the safeguarding of water, soil and forest resources, water supply, drainage, etc. Customary land and freehold land required for any public purpose may be taken by the Head of State, acting on the advice of the Minister, under the provisions of this Act.

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    Islas Cook, Oceanía

    This Act defines: the liability of an occupier of a leased area or premises including a leased or licensed area under the Marine Farming Act 1971 in respect of visitors or licensees of the leased premises; and the relationship with respect to liability between a tenant and landlord. The Act also defines some duties of a landlord with respect to maintenance of the leased premises.

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    Samoa, Oceanía

    The Act concerns claims enforceable by or against the Government and related civil proceedings. Subject to this Act and any other Act, all debts, damages, duties, sums of money, land, or goods, due, payable or belonging to the Government, is to be sued for and recovered by proceedings taken for that purpose in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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    Tonga, Oceanía

    This Act defines the liability of an occupier of a leased area or premises. Section 1 of this Act shall bind the Crown, but as regards the Crown's liability in tort shall not bind the Crown further than the Crown is made liable in tort by the Crown Proceedings Act 1947.

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    Enero, 2013

    This Act amends the Native Lands Act by inserting a new section 65 making provision with respect to unjust enrichment due to improvements made by lawful occupants. Landowners shall pay compensation for such improvements carried out by occupants that occupied or occupy land on the basis of (a) Leases and sub-leases; (b) Transfer of leases and sub-leases (c) Transfer of native lease; (d) Sub-letting; (e) Passing of interest of lessee; (f) Giving up possession and interests of land; (g) Exchange of land; (h) Gifting of land and interest to another.

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