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    An Act to consolidate and amend certain enactments relating to the Government and laws of Niue.

    Niue, Oceanía

    This New Zealand Law provides for various matters that apply to the territory of Niue, including Village Councils, Cases Stated by the High Court or Land Court or Land Appellate Court and Cases Stated by Supreme Court for Land Appellate Court, land taxes and land development. The Land Court may by Order declare that any Niuean land shall be subject to the provisions of act relating to land development.

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    An Act relating to land.

    Tonga, Oceanía

    This Act provides for recognition and protection of titles in land, administration of land, use of land for public purposes, the land court and adjudication and various other matters relating to land.The Act consists of 170 sections divided into 10 Parts: General (I); Administration (II); Hereditary estates (III); Tax and town allotments (IV); Tongan leases (V); Mortgages (VI); The Foreshore (VII); Registration of title (VIII); Land for public purposes (IX); The Land Court (X).Section 3 declares all land of Tonga to be property of the Crown.

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    An Act for the Amendment of the Wills Act, 1837.

    Tokelau, Oceanía

    Amendment relating to the form of wills and legal consequences.

    Amends: Wills Act, 1837. (1837-07-03)

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    An Act for the amendment of the Laws with respect to Wills.

    Tokelau, Oceanía

    The United Kingdom Act regulates matters of wills and inheritance of estates of deceased persons. A general devise of the testator's lands shall include copyhold and leasehold as well as freehold lands, in the absence of a contrary intention (sect. 26).

    Amended by: Wills Amendment Act, 1852. (1852-06-17)

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    Samoa, Oceanía

    This Order shall apply only to Crown land, European land, and European interests in Native land. It shall be the duty of the Registrar appointed under this Order to prepare, in such manner as may be approved by the Chief Judge of the High Court, a register, to be called the Land Register, of the legal title to all Crown land, European land, and European interests in Native land existing in Samoa at the commencement of this Order "European interest in Native land" means any estate or interest held in Native land otherwise than by virtue of Native custom.

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    Niue, Oceanía

    This amendment of the principal Act introduces Chapters on land tenure, grants of Crown land, ownership Niuean land, land for church purposes, the land court of Niue, the land appellate court of Niue, acquisition of land for public purposes and some other matters.

    Amends: Niue Act 1966. (1966-10-07)

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