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    An Ordinance for the reform of land tenure on Pitcairn Island.

    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    This Ordinance makes provision for the establishment of the Land Commission, defines its functions and powers and provides for the allocation of land by the Land Commission to residents and former residents of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands and the imposition of an annual land tax.The Lands Commission shall identify, mark and register all usable land on Pitcairn Island.

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    An Ordinance to establish the Lands Court and to provide for its constitution and procedure.

    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    This Ordinance provides for the constitution of the Lands Court, defines its jurisdiction, functions and duties and provides with respect to the Land Register and other matters such as offences and regulation-making powers of the Governor.The Lands Court shall, among other things: exercise supervisory jurisdiction over all lands on Pitcairn Island; cause land to be demarcated and a Register of Lands to be kept; determine on applications for land allocation in accordance with this Ordinance and the Land Tenure Reform Ordinance; and hear disputes relative to ownership of land on Pitcairn Isla

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    An Ordinance to declare the law relating to probate, administration and intestate succession.

    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    This Ordinance concerns probate of will of a deceased person and the administration of deceased persons granted to an administrator by or without a will. Assets and liabilities of a deceased person shall be determined by the Supreme Court. The Court shall notify executors on probate of will and shall issue probate or letters of administration in accordance with provisions of this Ordinance. Unclaimed estate shall become property of the Crown. The Ordinance also provides for the division of intestate estates.

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    An Ordinance relating to wills.

    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    This Ordinance sets out the conditions for the making of a valid will, determines who may make a valid will, defines the procedures of the drawing up of a will and related acts and contains provisions as to the execution of wills.

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    Islas Pitcairn, Oceanía

    These Regulations, made under the Local Government Ordinance, provide a variety of rules relative, among other things: public health and town and country planning; keeping of animals; protection of wildlife; public works; and coastal navigation.As for public health and town and country planning, some provisions concern the prevention of pollution, the construction of wells and the use of public water.Provisions on the keeping of animals concern the keeping of goats, poultry and other domestic animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals.Provisions regarding wildlife management and prote

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