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    ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ СОВЕТА МИНИСТРОВ РЕСПУБЛИКИ БЕЛАРУСЬ 28 февраля 2006 г. № 292 Об утверждении формы договора аренды земельного участка

    Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Ministerial Decree validates the form of land lease contract. The contract envisages the purposeful use of the plot of land, the amount of rent, the boundaries of the plot of land and establishes terms and conditions of lease.

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The purpose of this Order is to guarantee the accomplishment of the Presidential Decree No. 337 of 1996 "On carrying into effect the constitutional right of the citizens on land". This Order entitles the State Committee on Land, in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Justice, to validate the forms of contract dealing with the transfer of the land shares in leasehold to agricultural enterprises, farmers, to stock capital of the agricultural enterprises.

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    КАБІНЕТ МІНІСТРІВ УКРАЇНИ ПОСТАНОВА від 3 березня 2004 р. N 220 Про затвердження Типового договору оренди землі.

    Ucrania, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Premier decrees to validate the form of the Model Contract on lease of land. The form is attached to the Ministerial Decree.

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    Закон Республики Казахстан от 29 декабря 2003 года N 512-II О внесении изменений и дополнений в некоторые законодательные акты Республики Казахстан по вопросам регулирования земельных отношений

    Kazajstán, Rusia, Asia central

    Article 5 of the Law No. 214-1 on peasant farm acquires a new wording: «The plot of land of a peasant farm shall be inherited according to the modalities envisaged by the national legislation». Article 6 of the same Act acquires a new wording: «The plots of land for farming shall be allotted to the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan on condition of ownership or on condition of temporary charged lease for the period up to 49 years and for seasonal grazing on condition of temporary land tenure free of charge».

    Amends: Law No. 214-1 on peasant farm. (1998-03-31)

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    ЗАКОН КЫРГЫЗСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ О внесении изменения в Земельный кодекс Кыргызской Республики

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    Item 3 of the Article 8 acquires a new wording: «Rent and the modalities of collection thereof shall be established on contractual basis. Land granted in lease cannot be granted in sublease. The amount of rent granted to foreigners except for agricultural land shall be calculated in conformity with the rates of land charges with the application of coefficient established by the Government».

    Amends: Land Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. (2013-11-15)

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    ДОГОВОР между Правительством Республики Казахстан и Правительством Кыргызской Республики о предоставлении в аренду земельных участков в Иссык-Кульском районе Иссык-Кульской области Кыргызской Республики (Вступил в силу 8 февраля 2011 года -...

    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Kazajstán, Kirguistán, Rusia, Asia, Asia central

    The Parties have agreed that Kyrgyzstan shall concede to Kazakhstan land areas on the coastline of Issyk-Kul lake for the period of 49 years for recreational water uses. The Government of Kazakhstan shall pay lease in the form of land charges to the amount of land charges set forth for residents on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The Government shall prevent environmental pollution, ensure greening of the territory and grant access to recreational water area to the local residents.

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    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Rusia, Belarús, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Parties shall promote the development of agro-industrial complex, cooperation between the producers of agricultural commodities of all forms of property, and also by enterprises and organizations in the sphere of agricultural production, processing of agricultural commodities, and also shall work out the most favourable terms and conditions for lease of agricultural land for agricultural commodity producers operating on the territory of the Kaliningrad region and of the Republic of Belarus.

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    Об утверждении форм документов, удостоверяющих право на земельный участок Постановление Правительства Республики Казахстан от 22 августа 2003 года N 851

    Kazajstán, Rusia, Asia central

    The Premier decrees to validate the following forms of land certificates: (a) private land ownership certificate; (b) permanent land use certificate; (c) temporary charged (long-term, short-term) land use (lease); (d) temporary free-of-charge land use.

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    ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВА РЕСПУБЛИКИ МОЛДОВА Об утверждении единых форм документов, подтверждающих право собственности на землю, владения и пользования землей Nr.449 от 29.06.92

    Moldavia, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Ministerial Decree validates the forms of landownership certificate (Annex 1), provisional landownership, land tenancy and land lease certificate (Annex 2), land share ownership certificate (Annex 3), lease contract containing description of the plot of land (Annex 4) and registration form of landowners (Annex 5).

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Government of the Russian Federation and the administration of the Nizhni Novgorod Region have agreed as follows: 1) The Parties shall contribute to transfer the use (on terms of preferential lease) of plots of land, constructions and buildings to the federal institutions of culture and art as far as they are necessary for carrying out their activity. 2) The Parties shall contribute to establish taxation of the federal institutions of culture and art on preferential terms and preferential tariffs for communal and other services.

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