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    Diciembre, 2014

    In Africa, as elsewhere, land rights have remained a bastion of male power and privilege. Since land is a fundamental resource for improving living conditions and economic empowerment, the lack of land rights for women undermines efforts to promote gender equity and equality within a patriarchal society. The minimal transformation of women’s socio-economic position with regards to access and control of land is, in many cases, due to land reform programmes and related processes whose design or implementation is “gender neutral”.

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    Diciembre, 2009

    Land is a critical resource in Kenya, having economic, social, political,
    environmental and cultural significance. Kenya’s population continues to rely
    on land for both subsistence and economic activities. In fact, the increase
    of the population from about 20 million people in the 1960s to about 40
    million currently, has put enormous pressure on land. Only a third of Kenya’s
    land is arable while the rest is arid and semi-arid. With most Kenyans still
    living off the land, contestations over access to, control over and ownership

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    Diciembre, 2016

    There has been progress in terms of legislation of land ownership and women rights on the same subject in Kenya and a number of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations are in the fore front promoting women land ownership. It is noted that women play an integral part in food production for their families however, land tenure system in the rural areas discriminates against women hence very few women own land.

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    Diciembre, 1989

    In most Developing countries only a small number of new jobs
    are available in agriculture. The capital scarcity limits the
    number of nonfarm jobs that can be created, because investments
    costs per job are high in modern industry. Thus an effective
    development policy should seek to increase the labor relative to.,
    capital, to the extent that it is economically efficient.
    In the Sessional Paper No. 1 of 1986 on Economic Management
    for Renewed Growth, the Kenya Government notes that
    historically, there has been

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    Diciembre, 2006
    África subsahariana

    The twentieth century will go down in history as a century when Africa fulfilled the dismal Hobbesian prediction. Africa has become the one continent in the world where human life is hardly worth living because of the man-made problems of inequality and impoverishment.

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    Mayo, 2007

    Women in most rural communities in Africa dominate farm activities in terms of labour
    supply and management. Overall, Africa's performance in terms of agricultural
    production and productivity remain inadequate and the region has failed to make progress
    in food security (Republic of Kenya, 2002). Therefore, successful agricultural reform
    programs will require raising women's productivity. The current study examines the
    existence of real evidence that women's limited access to land constitute a significant

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    Diciembre, 2015

    This paper discusses the major challenges women in Kenya face as they try to ensure and maintain food security at the household level. The challenges include access to and ownership of resources such as land, finance, water and affordable cooking energy; access to markets and proper infrastructure and

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