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    Belice, Américas, América central

    All area described in the Schedule hereto is declared a designated area for the purposes of the Aliens Land Holding Act (reg. 2). No alien shall acquire land within the area designated hereunder and no legal or equitable title in such land shall vest in an alien unless such alien shall have first applied for and been granted a licence by the Minister to acquire and to hold an estate in such land (reg. 3). The Minister may grant licences upon such terms and conditions specified in the licence as he may deem fit (reg. 4). (5 regulations and a Schedule)

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    Guinea Ecuatorial, África, África Central

    El Reglamento consta de 3 capítulos y 21 artículos. INDICE: Disposiciones generales (I); Formas, requisitos y condiciones (II); Procedimiento (III).El presente Reglamento se establece para desarrollar y dar cumplimiento a lo previsto en el artículo 3º del Decreto Ley Nº 8/1984, de 3 de mayo, que transfiere al estado la propiedad de las fincas rústicas y urbanas abandonadas por los extranjeros (art. 1º).

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    Guinea Ecuatorial, África, África Central

    El presente Decreto, que consta de 4 artículos, concede un plazo de 60 días a todos los propietarios extranjeros para que se presenten por sí o por sus representantes legales para poner en explotación las fincas rústicas y urbanas que acrediten poseer en el país.

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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    This Order declares the local government district of North Down and the remaining part of the local government district of Ards to be compulsory registration areas under the Land Registration (Northern Ireland) Act 1970. The local government district of North Down and the whole of each of the wards listed in the Schedule will become compulsory registration areas upon the commencement of this Order on 1st May 2000. The type of property transaction which triggers a compulsory registration within those areas is defined by entry 2 of Schedule 2 to the aforesaid Act.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Measures are formulated in order to give impetus to all-round reform and the opening up of China to foreigners, to reform the land use system, to try out and provide rules for a system of compensatory transfer of land use rights and to accelerate the development of Shanghai's economy.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    The present Regulations are made so as to enhance the management of land use by the equity or non-equity joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises and to encourage foreign investment in the province. The location and limits of the site chosen by a foreign investment enterprise shall be subject to confirmation by local planning authorities. Procedures for the assignment initiate with an application for assignment by the foreign investment entity.

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    Viet Nam, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    A Decree to provide for ownership, allotment, use, registration of residential land and houses by citizens of Viet Nam and leasehold by foreigners, and in relation to this the assignment of title, the issue of certificates, settlement of disputes and other matters. The State recognises and protects the lawful title to residential houses and lawful right to the use of residential land. All residential houses and land must be registered. The lawful owners are issued the certificate of residential house title and residential land use right.

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    Zambia, África, África oriental

    These Regulations provide for various matters relative to registration of documents relating to land such as: Presentation of documents relating to land (reg. 3); documents to be accompanied by a form in duplicate (3A); documents for deducing title (4); prior registered documents (5); form of documents (6); sketch plans of several pieces of land (7); subdivisions to be endorsed on prior documents (8); time for lodging documents (9); prescribed fees (10); lost documents (11); copies for information (12); official search (13).

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    Regulations respecting the ownership of agricultural and recreational land in Alberta.

    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    These Regulation pertain to the ownership of agricultural and recreational land in Alberta. Under section 4, no ineligible person or foreign controlled corporation shall take or acquire, directly or indirectly, an interest in controlled land – which is land in Alberta but does not include (a)land of the Crown in right of Alberta, (b) land within the boundaries of a city, town, new town, village or summer village, and (c) mines and minerals. The Regulation further specifies which are the percentage of foreign ownership that are allowed (sect. 13).

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    Eslovaquia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Regulation deals with finding out of the price of constructions, flats and non-residential areas in an residential house, of plots of land, perennial vegetation, plots of land within the area of land modifications and asking price for public auctions, unless finding out of price has not been regulated otherwise; negotiating of the price for purposes of contractual transfer of structures, flats and non-residential areas, plots of land and perennial vegetation between the seller and the buyer, and negotiation of rent for leasehold of land.

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