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Resultados de la búsqueda

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    Julio, 2001
    Américas, América central, Belice

    The area described in the Schedule to these Regulations is declared to be a Special Development Area in the sense of the Land Utilization Act (Cap. 188). The type of development permitted includes agriculture, forestry, wildlife reserve and environmental protection. The Land Utilization Authority shall draw up a Development Plan for the area after consultation with such local persons and institutions as it may think fit. The Plan shall be submitted to the Minister of Natural Resources, The Environment and Industry for approval. The Plan shall be available for inspection to the public.

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    Enero, 2001
    Tailandia, Asia oriental, Oceanía

    This article discusses the extent to which the location of roads s and protected areas affects deforestation in North Thailand. The article stresses that establishing protected areas (national parks together with wildlife sanctuaries) in North Thailand did not reduce the likelihood of forest clearing, but wildlife sanctuaries may have reduced the probability of deforestation.

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    Junio, 2001

    This Regulation defines the protection, management and other environmental issues aimed to be used as internal rules for the safe and sustainable use of the Croatian Nature Park Biokovo, and also prescribes offenses and determines the penalties for noncompliance with the prescribed requirements.

    Implements: Law declaring the mountain Biokovo as Nature Park. (1981-06-08)

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