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    Enero, 2014

    Prerequisite for sustainable development of the Russian Federation is the creation and development of a system of protected areas. Main mechanism that creates optimal conditions for the fulfilment of functions of the PA is planning. At the present time we have to admit that there are problems that prevent from appropriate functioning of protected areas and solving the tasks assigned to them.

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    Septiembre, 2013

    Biodiversity, a property of natural
    areas, provides a range of benefits to the economy including
    bioprospecting rents, knowledge and insurance, ecotourism
    fees, and ecosystem services. Many of these values can be
    broken out in the System of National Accounts, leading to
    better estimates of the economic losses when natural areas
    are degraded or destroyed. Developing countries harbor the
    great majority of biodiversity, and this diversity provides

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    Marzo, 2013

    One objective of this paper is to
    provide information and tools for policy makers and
    development partners engaged in developing arrangements for
    transferring REDD plus benefits. This paper is also intended
    to help key stakeholders design a mechanism that is
    appropriate for a country's context. Another objective
    is to provide information and tools for assessing and
    structuring benefit sharing mechanisms at national and sub

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    Marzo, 2013

    A reform in Burundi's coffee sector
    is currently under way. Even though the reform was launched
    by the government of Burundi in 1992, it was only in 2008
    that implementation fully started. The purpose of the reform
    is to restructure the coffee sector, focusing on the
    following processes: privatization of the industrial units
    (especially washing and hulling units), liberalization of
    government control among the production and export agencies,

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    Enero, 2013

    The objective of the Functional Review
    of the Environment, Water and Forestry sector (FR-EWF) is to
    help the Government of Romania (GoR) develop an action plan
    for implementation over the short- and medium-term to
    strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the sector
    administration, and provide input to the Government National
    Reform Program (NRP 2011- 2013) and beyond, especially in
    relation to those functions that support Romania's

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    Febrero, 2013

    The Country Environmental Analysis,
    presents a review of environmental priorities, public
    environmental expenditures and the supporting institutional
    framework and makes recommendations to improve the
    efficiency and effectiveness of public environmental
    expenditure in Azerbaijan. The focus is to identify areas
    for improvement and changes to ensure that the process of
    establishing environment-related priorities is sufficiently

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    Marzo, 2013

    Globally, an estimated 24 percent of the
    disease burden (healthy life years lost) and an estimated 23
    percent of all deaths (premature mortality) are attributable
    to environmental risks (World Health Organization, or WHO
    2006). The burden of disease is unequally shared, with the
    children and the poor being particularly affected. Among
    children between the ages 0 and 14, the proportion of deaths
    attributable to environmental risks, such as poor water and

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    Febrero, 2013
    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka's ten-year development
    framework aims at accelerating economic growth while
    ensuring a path of sustainable development and prioritizing
    conservation of the country's natural heritage. It is
    in this context that this policy note seeks to examine the
    scope for enhancing protection of Sri Lanka's natural
    assets through nature based tourism as an instrument for
    conservation with a specific focus on elephant conservation.

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    Marzo, 2013

    The results of the alpha survey on
    administrative barriers completed in 2006 indicate that,
    notwithstanding recent government reforms to reduce
    regulations affecting firms, administrative burdens are
    still substantial impediments to doing business. Based on
    the survey, the Bulgarian Government has commissioned an
    in-depth analysis of the procedure affecting three sectors:
    tourism, food, and transport. This report recommends the

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    Agosto, 2013

    This report focuses on one specific
    interaction: the role of forests, and particularly protected
    forests, in maintaining quality of drinking water for large
    cities. There are many reasons for this focus: many city
    dwellers already face a crisis of water quality, and
    contaminated water spreads a vast and largely unnecessary
    burden in terms of short and long-term health impacts
    including infant mortality, with knock-on effects on ability

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