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    Armenia, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law concerns the formation, organization, preservation and use of nature reserves. There are four types of reserves: (i) state conservancies, where most human interference is prohibited; (ii) national parks, where activities are somewhat less restricted and which are intended for recreational, historical, cultural and scientific purposes; (iii) state reserves, the characteristics of which are not specified; and (iv) natural monuments, which are natural objects of special scientific and historical cultural value.

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    Convenciones internacionales o Tratados
    Hungría, Turquía, Europa oriental, Europa, Asia occidental, Asia

    The contracting parties propose to develop cooperation in the field of environmental protection and restoration. Priority areas are air pollution, harmonization of national, regional and international law, neutralization of wastes and recycling, protection of water quality, protection against noise and vibration, protection of biodiversity, exchange of information regarding soil conservation and energy use, protected areas and their utilization, EIA, training, exchange of information regarding the implementation of EC environmental directives.

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    Israel, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Amendment, of four sections, adds the following sections to the principal Law. After section (41) shall be inserted section (41A) dealing with prohibitions regarding the selling of natural assets unless permitted by the Minister of Agriculture. After sec.(42) shall be inserted section (42A) dealing with the assignment of functions regarding the implementations of the provisions of this chapter and the regulations made thereunder. Sections (3) and (4) regard phrasing substitutions.

    Amends: National Parks and Nature Reserve Law (No. 5723 of 1963). (1963-08-07)

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    Israel, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Regulation, of 36 sections and one Annex, gives definitions and makes provisions for the preservation of lands due to land erosion in Israel. Section 1 gives definitions. Section 2 regards the declaration of Special Zones listed in the Annex to this regulation. Section 3 establishes conditions for grazing in special zones. Only the director of the Land-Preservation Department can authorize such grazing. Section 4 prohibits from a person to carry out preservation operations unless authorized and planned by the Director.

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    Irán, Asia occidental, Asia, Asia meridional

    The amendments concern the need for authorization from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture for the conversion of forest and valley land into the following: 1. making farmland, orchard, rangeland, artificial forests, forage land, livestock institutions, aquatic breeding institutions, as well as the use for mine exploting and exploration (in nothern Iran); and 2. establishment of factories, townships, schools, training institutions, sport clubs, etc.

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    مشروع قانون رقم 7 لسنة 1999 بشأن البيئة

    Diciembre, 1999
    Asia, Asia occidental, Palestina

    This basic enactment of the Palestinian Legislative creates a framework for the protection of the environment, public health and biodiversity in Palestine including marine areas. Its 82 sections are divided into 5 Titles: Definitions and general provisions (I); Environmental protection (II); Environmental impact assessment, licensing, inspection and administrative procedure (III); Penalties (IV); Final provisions (V). Article 1 contains an extensive list of definitions, including "natural reserves" and "international waters". Objectives of this Law are set out in article 2.

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    Turquía, Asia occidental, Asia

    Articles 6, 9, 14, 30 have either been amended or new paragraphs have been added. The present Law also amends new articles of the Village Law of 1924, the Law on Natural Disasters 1959, and the Tourism Incentives Act of 1982. The formation of the technical teams is re-defined. The in-forest pastures and grazelands are re-defined by a committee set up by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and cannot be used for any other purposes unless their allocation purposes are modified.

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    قرار رقم 8/1 لسنة 2004م بتصنيف موقع بالوع بعتارة-محافظة لبنان الشمالي كموقع طبيعي تابع لحماية وزارة البيئة

    Líbano, Asia occidental

    This Resolution is composed of 4 articles. According to the Natural Protection Law of 8 July 1939, this Resolution classifies the zone of Ballo Biatara, located in the Tannoreen-Province of Northern Lebanon, as a natural area subjected to the protection of the Ministry of Environment (art. 1). The Ministry of Environment will define the requirements and conditions for the issuance of licences to work in the aforementioned zone (art. 3).

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    Israel, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law, of 120 Sections and Five Annexes, gives definitions and establishes conditions for mining procedures in Israel. Prospecting or digging of mines without a permit is forbidden. The Minister of Development may close certain areas to prospecting or mining.

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    نظام حماية التربة رقم 25 لسنة 2005م

    Jordania, Asia occidental

    This Regulation is composed of 7 articles. Articles 1 and 2 deal with terms and definitions. Article 3 entrusts the Ministry of Environment to cooperate with the concerned authorities for the protection of soil.

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