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    Francia, Europa, Europa occidental

    Cette loi reconnait le littoral comme une entité géographique qui appelle une politique spécifique d'aménagement, de protection et de mise en valeur. la loi concerne concerne non seulement les communes riveraines des mers et océans, des étangs salés, des plans d’eau intérieurs d’une superficie supérieure à 1 000 hectares, mais aussi celles qui, sous certaines conditions, sont riveraines des estuaires et des deltas.

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    Reino Unido, Europa, Europa septentrional

    These Regulations amend the principal Regulations which provide for payment to eligible persons who, in respect of an area of eligible land, undertake not to use such land for a period of at least twenty years and to manage the land with the objective of establishing an area of salt-marsh in accordance with prescribed management requirements. They amend the rate of payment of aid to beneficiaries in respect of land which was permanent grassland at the start of the management period.

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    An Act to restate and reform the law relating to the use of land, air, and water.

    Nueva Zelandia, Oceanía

    This Act consists of 15 Parts divided into 433 sections, and contains 12 Schedules. The overall purpose of this Act is to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources (sect.

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    Guadalupe, Martinica, Reunión, África, África oriental, Américas, Caribe

    Cette loi porte dispositions relatives à l'aménagement, la protection et la mise en valeur de la zone dite des cinquante pas géométriques dans les départements d'outre mer. A l'intérieur de cette zone le Préfet délimite par arrêté, d'une part les espaces urbains et les secteurs occupés par une urbanisation diffuse, d'autre part, les espaces naturels.

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    Nueva Zelandia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 15 sections and one Schedule, provides for certain endowments of dry harbour land to be revested in the Crown or reserved for certain purposes, and to amend certain enactments. Section 4 empowers the Governor-General to declare specified lands vested in local authorities to be revested in the Crown for purpose of conservation (under the Conservation Act 1987), or for the purpose of creating reserves under the Reserves Act 1977.

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    Italia, Europa, Europa meridional

    The purpose of the present Act is to establish a public intervention scheme for the rational exploitation of environmental resources. The scope of this plan is remediation and restoration of polluted sites involving marine areas, lakes and rivers. The Ministry of Health shall start the plan, together with the Regions, in national interest sites and in industrial areas (art. 1). Incentives and financial contribution shall be given to industries and industry consortia interested in the research and development of new rehabilitation technologies.

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    Jamaica, Américas, Caribe

    This Act provides for coastal zone management in Jamaica and declares all rights in and over the foreshore of Jamaica and the floor of the sea to be vested in the Crown (sect. 3). Any person who is the owner or occupier of any land adjoining any part of the foreshore and any member of his family and any private guest of his shall be entitled to use that part of the foreshore adjoining his land for private domestic purposes, that is to say, for bathing, fishing, and other like forms of recreation and as a means of access to the sea for such purposes (sect. 4).

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    Portugal, Europa meridional, Europa

    This Council of Ministers Resolution approves the Land use Planning of Coastal zone of Sado-Sines with the purpose of a better exploitation of water and land resources, in compliance with the environmental preservation. It consists of 5 chapters and 3 annexes establishing: General provisions establishing the conditions to be satisfied for occupation, use and transformation of lands (chap. 1); Water resources exploitation and sanitary measures to avoid pollution and to guarantee water quality standards (chap. 2); Classification of protected areas (chap.

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    Brasil, Américas, América del Sur

    This Decree creates the Coastal Zone Protection Committee within the State of Rio de Janeiro - CODEL. It consists of 11 articles establishing composition, duties and competencies of the aforementioned environmental institution entitled to protect and develop coastal areas carrying out controls and managing these areas within the limits of the said State.

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    مشروع قانون رقم 7 لسنة 1999 بشأن البيئة

    Diciembre, 1999
    Asia, Asia occidental, Palestina

    This basic enactment of the Palestinian Legislative creates a framework for the protection of the environment, public health and biodiversity in Palestine including marine areas. Its 82 sections are divided into 5 Titles: Definitions and general provisions (I); Environmental protection (II); Environmental impact assessment, licensing, inspection and administrative procedure (III); Penalties (IV); Final provisions (V). Article 1 contains an extensive list of definitions, including "natural reserves" and "international waters". Objectives of this Law are set out in article 2.

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