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    Informes e investigaciones
    Marzo, 2017

    The purpose of this report is to identify the results, and initial impact of the land degradation component of those linkage projects which encompass biodiversity, international waters, and climate change with land degradation. The lessons learned from this review lead to recommendations on how land degradation issues should be addressed in focal area reviews, and in subsequent Global Environment Facility (GEF) activities.

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    The GEF-6 Biodiversity Strategy cover image
    Materiales institucionales y promocionales
    Diciembre, 2014

    The Convention on Biological Diversity
    (CBD) defines biodiversity as the variability among living
    organisms from all sources including, inter alia,
    terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the
    ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes
    diversity within species, between species, and of
    ecosystems. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and TEEB
    (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) demonstrated

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    Abril, 2015

    This strategic environmental assessment
    (SEA) is a technical piece intended to assist in the current
    and future identification of priority industrial pollutants
    and economic instruments to minimize industrial waste. This
    industrial sector SEA is one of six pieces of technical
    support envisioned by the Himachal Pradesh (HP) inclusive
    green growth (IGG) development policy loan (DPL) to fill
    knowledge gaps and strengthen operational success of the

  4. Library Resource
    Marzo, 2014

    This report presents a case study on
    groundwater governance in Kenya. The objectives of the study
    were to: (a) describe groundwater resource and socioeconomic
    settings for four selected aquifers; (b) describe governance
    arrangements for groundwater management in Kenya; and (c)
    identify the relevance of these arrangements for planning
    and implementing climate change mitigation measures. The
    report provides a comprehensive strategy to develop

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    Marzo, 2013

    A reform in Burundi's coffee sector
    is currently under way. Even though the reform was launched
    by the government of Burundi in 1992, it was only in 2008
    that implementation fully started. The purpose of the reform
    is to restructure the coffee sector, focusing on the
    following processes: privatization of the industrial units
    (especially washing and hulling units), liberalization of
    government control among the production and export agencies,

  6. Library Resource
    Marzo, 2012
    África, África occidental

    The West African Mineral Sector
    Strategic Assessment (WAMSSA) is a strategic environmental
    and social assessment intended to identify policy,
    institutional, and regulatory adjustments required to
    integrate environmental and social considerations into
    mineral sector development in Africa. The study focused on
    three Mano River Union (MRU) countries, Guinea, Liberia, and
    Sierra Leone, all categorized as mineral-rich countries

  7. Library Resource
    Mayo, 2015

    This Country Environmental Analysis
    (CEA) has been developed by the World Bank in cooperation
    with the Government of Jordan. It aims to integrate
    environment into development and poverty reduction
    priorities. The CEA will be a vital instrument for designing
    Jordans future policies, by integrating the economic policy
    tools in our decision making processes. As the latest
    economic crises and its implications have shown, an economic

  8. Library Resource
    Febrero, 2013

    The Country Environmental Analysis,
    presents a review of environmental priorities, public
    environmental expenditures and the supporting institutional
    framework and makes recommendations to improve the
    efficiency and effectiveness of public environmental
    expenditure in Azerbaijan. The focus is to identify areas
    for improvement and changes to ensure that the process of
    establishing environment-related priorities is sufficiently

  9. Library Resource
    Marzo, 2012

    Jordan is a small, middle-income, open
    economy, with a limited natural resources base and active
    trade flows. As the integration of Jordan in the World
    Economy progresses, enhancing Jordan's environmental
    management can not only improve the wellbeing of Jordanians,
    but also enable the country to better compete in
    increasingly environmentally conscious markets. To date
    there has not yet been a comprehensive assessment of

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    Marzo, 2013

    Globally, an estimated 24 percent of the
    disease burden (healthy life years lost) and an estimated 23
    percent of all deaths (premature mortality) are attributable
    to environmental risks (World Health Organization, or WHO
    2006). The burden of disease is unequally shared, with the
    children and the poor being particularly affected. Among
    children between the ages 0 and 14, the proportion of deaths
    attributable to environmental risks, such as poor water and

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