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    Venezuela, Américas, América del Sur

    El Reglamento consta de 12 títulos y 219 artículos.

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    Venezuela, Américas, América del Sur

    La Ley consta de 11 títulos y 130 artículos.

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    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    The aim of this Act is to re-establish protected areas on land previously owned by agricultural cooperatives before privatization. This goal is achieved through: expropriation, if the area has already been assigned to a private owner; or by not assigning such lands to private owners. Paragraphs 2-4 deal with cases in which expropriation is not obligatory and with cases in which compensation should be paid to the owner. Expropriation should be carried out, at the latest, within 3 years from the entry into force of this Act.

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    Armenia, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law concerns the formation, organization, preservation and use of nature reserves. There are four types of reserves: (i) state conservancies, where most human interference is prohibited; (ii) national parks, where activities are somewhat less restricted and which are intended for recreational, historical, cultural and scientific purposes; (iii) state reserves, the characteristics of which are not specified; and (iv) natural monuments, which are natural objects of special scientific and historical cultural value.

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    España, Europa, Europa meridional

    La presente Ley parte de un concepto positivo de suelo no urbanizable, de manera que no lo define como una negación residual del urbanizable así, se considera como suelo no urbanizable: (a) el dominio público natural marítimo e hidráulico, (b) los terrenos que estén sujetos a un régimen específico de protección o mejora, (c) los terrenos que reúnan valores o presenten características que, conforme a la legislación urbanística, de protección del patrimonio histórico, de conservación de la naturaleza, fauna y flora o del medio ambiente, los hagan merecedores de una especial protección, (d) lo

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    Nueva Zelandia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 15 sections and one Schedule, provides for certain endowments of dry harbour land to be revested in the Crown or reserved for certain purposes, and to amend certain enactments. Section 4 empowers the Governor-General to declare specified lands vested in local authorities to be revested in the Crown for purpose of conservation (under the Conservation Act 1987), or for the purpose of creating reserves under the Reserves Act 1977.

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    Santa Lucía, Américas, Caribe

    This Act provides for the conservation of land in St. Lucia, for the establishment of a Board to be known as the Land Conservation Board, for conferring on that Board functions as to land, and for purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto. Land is defined as including land covered by water and in fact this Act contains provisions on drainage works.

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    An Act to provide for the sustainable harvesting and management of the forest resources of the Solomon Islands and to repeal the Forest Resources and Timber Utilisation Act and for other matters that are incidental and consequential.

    Islas Salomón, Oceanía

    The declared (sect. 3) objects of the Act are: ensuring effective and ecologically sustainable management of forest resources; promotion of a sustainable commercial timber industry, and; protection and conservation of forest resources, habitats and ecosystems including the maintenance of ecological processes and genetic diversity. The administration of matters affecting forests is entrusted to Commissioner of Forests appointed under section 6 and the Minister who shall be advised by the Solomon Forestry Board established under section 5.

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    Filipinas, Asia sudoriental, Asia

    This Act lays down the basic principles of forest management and conservation, makes provision for the administration of forestry (Chap. I), the survey and classification of lands for purposes of forestry (Chap. II), and the use of forest resources (Chap. III).Basic policy principles are outlined in section 2. Section 3 contains definitions.

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    Viet Nam, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    This Decree provides for the assignment of forestry land by the State to organizations, households and individuals for "stable and long-term" use in the form of land assignment without land use levy or lease of forestry land (art. 1). Forestry land is allocated or leased to specified subjects whose main source of income is agriculture, aquaculture of the winning of salt or various specified organizations. No levies shall be charged. Forestry land includes: national parks, nature conservation forests, and various kinds of protection forests (art. 3).

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