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    Community Development Agreement Sierra Leone
    Manual y guías
    Mayo, 2016
    Sierra Leona

    There is a growing recognition that Community Development Agreements (CDA) - if effectively implemented - can promote long-term development benefits for communities affected by mining operations as well as improve relations between extractive companies and communities. Section 139 (1) of Sierra Leone’s Mines and Minerals Act, 2009 provides that small scale or large scale mining licence holders are required to have and implement a CDA with primary host communities if their approved mining operations will or does exceed certain stipulated limits set out in the Act.

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    Enero, 2023

    A l’instar des régions du Niger, l’agriculture de la région de Tillabéri fait face à plusieurs conséquences néfastes du changement climatique affectant le développement agricole de la région. Cependant, il existe diverses potentialités pour développer ce secteur agricole afin de mieux supporter les chocs climatiques telles que l’Agriculture Intelligent face au Climat (AIC).

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    Enero, 2023

    Farmers in Ghana have suffered from the effects of climate change. These negative effects are more severe among women and youth farming groups. Research in Ghana has been focused on developing climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices to mitigate the negative effect of climate change on farmers productivity. The study uses baseline data from the Accelerating impacts of CGIAR climate research for Africa (AICCRA) project to analyze social inequalities and gender dimensions in the application of CSA practices among maize, cowpea, yam, sweet potato and tomato farmers in Ghana.

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    Enero, 2023

    The regional Research-Extension-Linkage Committees (RELCSp) lanning sessions are platforms where various stakeholders in agriculture sector assemble to deliberate on constraints that facing Ghana’s agricultural system. It also assesses the performance of the year’s agricultural activities under the RELCs within the regions.

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    Enero, 2023

    One of the most serious challenges threatening agricultural sustainability in Nigeria is land degradation. Although this issue has received little attention, soil and water conservation practices have been identified as a possible pathway out of the potential problems posed by land degradation. Therefore, the central research question that this paper tries to address is the following: Do adoption of soil and water conservation (SWC) practices affect crop productivity and household welfare?

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