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    Diciembre, 2004

    The Regulation, which consists of 10 articles, provides for the establishment of tourism centers in different areas of the State. In particular, the Regulation divides the areas, based on capability to provide services for tourists, in four levels as follows: international level, national level, provincial level, and domestic level. The ‘Cultural heritage Organization’ determines the requirements for the establishment of the tourism centers on each level.

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    Septiembre, 2004

    The objects of this Act, consisting of 233 sections divided into twelve Chapters and completed by four Schedules, include assisting in the achievement of ecologically sustainable development in the State by establishing an integrated scheme to promote the use and management of natural resources in a manner that recognises and protects the intrinsic values of natural resources; seeks to protect biological diversity and, insofar as is reasonably practicable, to support and encourage the restoration or rehabilitation of ecological systems and processes that have been lost or degraded; provides

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    Agosto, 2004

    The present Regulation establishes the mechanism of elaboration of the land use planning projects on the territories of protected areas, and territories of recreation and cultural heritage. The aforesaid land use planning projects shall be elaborated in conformity with: 1) decision by rural administration, local self-government, regional, district of city administration authorized to make decisions as regards the allotment of the plots of land; 2) contract concluded between landowner, land tenant and the developers of the land use planning projects; 3) sentence of the court.

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    Diciembre, 2004

    La présente ordonnance abroge l’ordonnance du 19 mars 1998 sur l’organisation de l’Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage.

    Abroge: Ordonnance concernant l'organisation de l'Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage (Ordonnance sur l'organisation du FNP). (2001-08-07)

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Marzo, 2004
    Bosnia y Herzegovina

    The Mid-Term Development Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PRSP) is a strategic instrument with a multi-sectoral approach, relating to the period 2004-2007, whose main goals are (i) to create conditions for sustainable and balanced economic development, (ii) to reduce poverty, and (iii) to accelerate the integration of the country into the European Union. The strategy lays down macroeconomic and fiscal measures, and promotes the private sector growth to attain the objectives above-mentioned.

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    Noviembre, 2004

    Regional state nature reserve “Dolgaya polyana” (Long clearing) shall be classified as complex, constituted with a view of conservation of natural ecosystems and objects of historical and cultural heritage of regional significance. The following activities shall be prohibited: (a) land reclamation and irrigation; (b) soil disturbance; (c) all types of hunting; (d) gathering of zoological, botanical and mineral collections; (e) application of toxic chemicals, mineral fertilizers and pesticides; and (f) burning of vegetation.

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    Agosto, 2004

    This Regional Decree establishes that state nature reserve “Chulpan” shall be classified as cultivated land (landscape) protected area constituted for the purpose of conservation of cultivated land and land reclamation area as a reference model erosion-resistant ecologically balanced agriculture in water erosion zone.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 2005

    The programmme is a result of issues and concerns expresses by Malawians on food security, water and sanitation renewable energy, forest product and services, environment and indigenous knowledge.

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    Mayo, 2004

    Le présent arrêté porte création de la Cellule Nationale de Coordination des activités du CILSS (CSC/CILSS).La Cellule Nationale de Coordination a pour missions a coordination et l’évaluation de l’ensemble des activités et composantes du CILSS au niveau national, en concertation avec les structures techniques des ministères concernés, ainsi que les Bailleurs de Fonds; la supervision et le suivi régulier de l’ensemble des activités et composantes du CILSS au niveau national; a préparation régulière des rapports d’activités et leurs soumissions au Ministre de tutelle, Ministre Coordonnateur d

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    Septiembre, 2004

    El Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Rural y de la Tierra, instituido por la Ley Nº 2.419/04, contará con una Junta Asesora y de Control de Gestión. El presente Decreto reglamenta el artículo 16 de la ley citada, al fin de garantizar la legitimidad de la representación en la Junta. En este contexto, el artículo 1º establece el concepto de organizaciones campesinas, mientras que el artículo 2º dispone la creación del Registro de Organización Campesina.

    Implementa: Ley Nº 2.419/04 - Crea el Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Rural y de la Tierra. (2004-07-15)

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