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    An Act to repeal the Abandoned Lands Act 1965 and to make fresh provision for the reversion and revesting in Her Majesty of lands that have been abandoned.

    Australia, Oceanía

    An Act to provide for the control of abandoned lands in Tasmania. The Minister may issue an abandoned land notice in respect of land which meets requirements set out in section 4. Where the Minister is satisfied that a person is entitled to any estate or interest in the land to which an abandoned land notice relates, he may exclude from the operation of the notice those rights or, by agreement with that person, some other rights in substitution therefore.

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    An Act to provide for the registration of certain forestry rights granted in respect of land and to amend the Land Titles Act 1980.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 11 sections completed by one Schedule, aims to define certain aspects of forestry rights. "Forestry right" in this Act means a right granted by the owner of any land to any other person to: (a) establish, maintain and harvest; or (b) maintain and harvest crop of trees on that land, together with any ancillary rights and works; and (d) any provisions for charges, payments, royalties or division of the crop or the proceeds of the crop.

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    An Act about native title in relation to land or waters, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The main objects of the Act are: (a) to provide for the recognition and protection of native title; (b) to establish ways in which the future dealings affecting native title may proceed and to set standards for those dealings; (c) to establish a mechanism for determining claims to native title; and (d) to provide for, or permit, the validation of past acts invalidated because of the existence of native title (sect. 3).The text of the Act consists of 253 sections, preceded by a preamble and divided into 15 Parts.

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