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    Políticas Nacionales
    Australia, Oceanía

    The text is divided into 8 Parts: Preliminary (1); Management Zones (2); Control Of Activities (3) Permits (4); Reviews Of, And Appeals From, Permit (5); Decisions (6); Issue Of Permits By Entities Other Than Authority; Miscellaneous (7); Transitional Arrangements For Certain Activities (8).For purposes of management the Wet Tropics Area is divided into zones in accordance with Part 2.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 1992

    This Statement outlines agreed objectives and policies for the future of Australia's public and private forests. The Governments share a vision of ecologically sustainable management of Australia's forests. This vision has a number of important characteristics: 1) The unique character of the Australian forested landscape and the integrity and biological diversity of its associated environment is retained. 2) The total area of forest is increased. 3) There is a 'holistic' approach to managing forests for all their values and uses so as to optimise benefits to the community.

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