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    Políticas Nacionales
    Uganda, África, África oriental

    The present Uganda Vision 2040 lays out the general development objectives for Uganda over a 30-year period. Its goal is to transform Uganda from a predominantly peasant and low-income country to a competitive upper middle income status country. Together with the National Development Plan, Uganda Vision 2040 provides the overall leadership and policy direction for job creation and priority setting. It prioritizes agricultural development as well as tapping into the youth demographic dividend.

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    Kenya, África oriental, África

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Survey Act with respect to the Land Surveyors Board, the Standing Committee on Geographical Names, the examination and issue of licences, land survey operations, government land surveys and resolution of disputes. The Regulations also provide for the reservation of land in case of survey for purposes of alienation of government land in coastal areas and near to lakes or tidal rivers.

    Implements: Survey Act (Cap. 299). (2000)

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    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    This Proclamation aims at improving management and utilization of land and land resources for agricultural purposes in the Southern Nations, Nationalities And Peoples' Regional State. It applies to all land that lies outside of municipal borders. The Proclamation defines the right to acquire, free of charge, rural land by peasants, pastoralists and semi-pastoralists engaged in agriculture and the equal rights of women with respect to land and provides for the protection of such rights.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 2003

    The protection and management of environment are among the pillars of Vision 2020. The objective of the Government is that by 2020, it will have built a nation in which pressure on natural resources, particularly on land, water, biomass and biodiversity, has significantly been reduced and the process of environmental pollution and degradation has been reversed; a nation in which the management and protection of these resources and environment are more rational and well regulated in order to preserve and bequeath to future generations the basic wealth necessary for sustainable development.

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    Mayo, 2007

    This Regulation concerns rural land management and rights and use of rural land in Amhara National Region. It seeks to create favourable conditions enabling the land administration system to promote long-lasting agricultural development and productivity in the regional state by causing the full implementation of the rights and obligations pertaining to the rural land holders as are stipulated under the Revised Rural Land Administration and Use Determination Proclamation.

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    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    This Regulation implements provisions of the Proclamation of The Southern Nations, Nationalities And Peoples Regional State on rural land rights and use. It applies to all types of rural land and lands used for agricultural purposes in urban territory.

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    Mozambique, África oriental, África

    This Resolution authorizes the request for conversion of provisional authorization into definitive Right of Land Use and Exploitation (DUAT) for the silvo-forestry activities on behalf of the Company Niassa Forests Ltd, concerning an area of 34,227.15 hectares, located in the administrative post of Chimbonila, District of Lichinga, Niassa Province, documented in the cadastral case No. 11764/1250, as the map attached to this Resolution.

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    Resolução n. 38/2012 de 8 de Novembro.

    Mozambique, África oriental, África

    This Resolution, consisting of 6 articles and 1 Table, establishes Special Plan requirements for Land Planning within the Province of Tete. It specifies Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of the Zambesi Valley and part of its Basin, in particular applies for the following districts: Guro, Tambara, Chemba, Caia, Marromeu, Morrumbala, Mopeia and Chinde. This Resolution also establishes patterns and conditions for natural resources and areas use with special and different characteristics.

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    A Regulation to Provide for the Procedure of Land Allocation and Administration.

    Eritrea, África, África oriental

    The Regulation is made under the Land Proclamation No. 58/1994. It sets out the procedure for the allocation and administration of land and applies to all types of urban and rural land. Land shall be allocated for tiesa, agricultural usufruct or leasehold, on the basis of a master plan. To ensure these rights, right holders shall be given an allocation certificate or lease agreement. To prevent allocation of land to holders with the sole aim of holding land idle, the size of land to be allocated shall be proportionate to the planned aim (art. 3(4)).

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