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    Gesetz über die Anzeige und Beanstandung von Landpachtverträgen (Landpachtverkehrsgesetz – LpachtVG).

    Alemania, Europa, Europa occidental

    Article 2 of the above/mentioned Act establishes that the lessor shall notify the conclusion of a lease contract without delay to to competent authority, as well as of any modification of such a contract.

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    Gesetz zur Regelung des Eigentums an von landwirtschaftlichen Produktionsgenossenschaften vorgenommenen Anpflanzungen (Anpflanzungseigentumsgesetz – AnpflEigentG).

    Alemania, Europa, Europa occidental

    The present Act regulates the ownership of land where agricultural cooperatives have made plantations. Article 2 establishes that the plantations shall be an integral part of the land passing in private ownership. Article 4 deals with compensation payments. The text consists of 7 articles.

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    Gesetz zur Förderung der agrarstrukturellen und agrarsozialen Anpassung der Landwirtschaft der DDR an die soziale Marktwirtschaft – Fördergesetz.

    Alemania, Europa, Europa occidental

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the adjustment of structural and social adjustment in agriculture in the German Democratic Republic. The conversion of the agricultural and food sector of the German Democratic Republic to the conditions of the social market economy with a view to the currency, economic and social union with the Federal Republic of German requires a basic change in structure to be promoted. The promotion has to consider the development of markets, as well as the objectives and requirements of land use planning, environmental protection and animal protection.

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    Julio, 1961

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the improvement of agricultural structures and the safeguard of agricultural and forestry industries. The text consists of 39 articles divided into 5 Parts as follows: Land transactions (I); Inheritance proceedings (II); Proceedings (III); Amendment of existing legislation (IV); Additional, transitional and final provisions (V).

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