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    Legislación y políticas
    Políticas Nacionales
    Otro documento legal
    Mayo, 2017
    África, Sudáfrica

     Writ­ten sub­mis­sions on the Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Draft Bill made to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform 

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    Laos Land Law & Decree

    Legislación y políticas
    Políticas Nacionales
    Octubre, 2003

    "Article 1. Objectives of the Land Law:

    The objectives of the Land Law are to determine the regime on the management, protection and use of land in order to ensure efficiency and conformity with [land-use] objectives1 and with laws and regulations[,] and to contribute to national socio-economic development as well as to the protection of the environment and national borders of the Lao People's Democratic Republic."

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Agosto, 2015
    Sierra Leona

    Draft National Land Policy enunciates policy statements in respect of the key components of the National Land Policy such as access to land and tenure rights, land use planning and regulation, and the management of specialland issues, land administration structures, land laws and the constitution

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Jordania, Asia occidental

    The present National Environment Strategy for Jordan is a Resource Book of Information and Guidelines for Action and is based on Jordan’s pledge to maintain environmental protection as a national priority to preserve the earth, wind and water as a symbol of the bond between the legacy of ancestors, contemporary responsibilities and capabilities, and the promise for future generations.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Bolivia, Américas, América del Sur

    El Plan Nacional de Desarrollo es un instrumento multisectorial, de alcance nacional, que define las estrategias y líneas de acción a implementar para construir una nueva sociedad, en el marco de un Estado plurinacional y comunitario.

  6. Library Resource
    Políticas Nacionales
    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    This Rural Land Use and Administration Policy of the Afar National Regional State seeks to provide an answer to the following problems: The traditional land administration and use system is not in line with the formal government land administration and use system.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 2017

    The National Environment Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP) 2016-2023 is developed in accordance with the the Constitution and 1996 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management. It is aligned to Rectangular Strategy Phase III (RSIII), that reaffirms the RGC’s mission and commitment to sustainable development and poverty reduction responding to the people’s will and changing contexts of national and international developments.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Julio, 2011

    Guyana Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2011 – 2015 is a confirmation of the path taken in 2001 with the Guyana’s first PRSP and it is a review of the key developments outlined at that time. Goals of the Strategy are: (i) generating economic growth; (ii) improving social services’ provision; (iii) enhancing governance structures; and (iv) progressing towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

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