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    An Act to transfer certain State forest land in the Riverina area to the national park estate; to make provision with respect to forestry operations in that area; to amend certain Acts; and for other purposes.

    Mayo, 2010

    This Act aims at transferring to the national park estate certain river red gum State forest lands in the Riverina area; enabling the transfer to Aboriginal ownership and conservation of certain other State forest lands in the Riverina area; enabling forestry operations to continue on land in the Riverina area remaining as State forest; enabling the collection of firewood for non-commercial purposes to continue in areas reserved as national or regional parks; etc.

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    Septiembre, 2010

    This Act amends certain provision of the Constitution of Tonga. In particular, it updates the supreme law of Tonga as regards the rule of law and the judicial power. It is worth noticing the insertion of New Clause 83A “Rule of law and Judicial Independence”, which stipulates that the existing underlying constitutional principles of the Rule of Law and Judicial Independence shall always be maintained.

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    Enero, 2010

    This Decree provides for certain dealings in land related to a loan facility and relative mortgages and title in native land for the development of a coastal area. The Decree seeks to protect funds advanced by the Fiji National Provident Fund by providing for accelerated transfer of title and relative registration by the Land Registrar. Land involved in these dealings includes native land covered by a Land Swap Agreement for which the Native land Trust Board holds specified powers.

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