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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Noviembre, 2017
    Sierra Leona

    The UK Department for International Development (the “DFID”) plays a strong role in driving changes towards improving land rights protection, land-tenure information and responsible private sector land investments in developing countries. With funding from DFID’s LEGEND Challenge Program, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (“WHH”) currently tests the CPCModel in partnership with a Sierra Leonean Investor under the SPIRAL-Project (the “Project”).

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    LANDac | Policy Brief #6 Negotiating and implementing large scale land deals in Sierra Leone cover image

    Improving transparency and consent

    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Julio, 2019
    Sierra Leona

    Investment into large-scale agribusiness projects in African post-conflict states is framed within broader economic reforms. On their surface, these projects boast of attracting much-needed infrastructure development, providing employment and shifts from subsistence agriculture to formal wage labor, and raising GDP.

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Mayo, 2016
    Kenya, Francia, Burundi, Guatemala, Myanmar, Sierra Leona, Malawi, Níger

    Quatre ans après l’approbation des Directives volontaires par le Comité sur la sécurité alimentaire mondiale en tant que consensus global pour l’amélioration des régimes fonciers, ses principes et processus continuent à être des sources d’inspirations pour agir. Gouvernements, société civile et secteur privé se sont largement appropriés les Directives volontaires. Elles constituent également un cadre impartial ouvrant à de nouvelles discussions sur les régimes fonciers, au développement de nouvelles compétences et à l’élaboration participative de nouvelles politiques foncières.

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Septiembre, 2016
    Seychelles, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Somalia, Madagascar, República Centroafricana, Esuatini, Ghana, Djibouti, Sierra Leona, Etiopía, Eritrea, África
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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2014
    Rwanda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Malí, Guatemala, Madagascar, Ghana, Sierra Leona, Panamá

    83 profils de pays mis à jour régulièrement qui fournissent des informations sur la politique nationale et les cadres juridiques liées au genre et aux droits fonciers de chaque pays  Des statistiques sur la terre ventilées par sexe basés sur des recensements agricoles nationaux et enquêtes auprès des ménages disponibles par le biais de cartes, tableaux et graphiques  Un Outil d'Évaluation de la Législation pour un régime foncier équitable entre les sexes (LAT) qui vise à soutenir la mise en oeuvre des Directives volontaires pour une Gouvernance responsable des régimes fonciers applicables

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Octubre, 2016
    África, Sierra Leona, Alemania

    The Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure in Sierra Leone has provided the opportunity to draw lessons and good practices in the country. These lessons are shared with other countries wishing to learn from successful experiences in the use of the Voluntary Guidelines to improve responsible governance of tenure.

  7. Library Resource
    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2013
    Kenya, Marruecos, Estados Unidos de América, Mauritania, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leona, Cabo Verde, África

    The second meeting of Biodiversity, Habitat and Water Quality, subject of this report, was organized in Banjul (The Gambia) from 12 to 14 March 2013. All representatives of the countries (except from Morocco) as well as the RCU URC and the project partners were able to participate.

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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2014
    Angola, Honduras, Belice, Luxemburgo, Burundi, Ghana, Congo, Venezuela, Sierra Leona, Myanmar, Uruguay, Panamá, Mozambique, Lesotho, Rwanda, Irán, Gabón, Botswana, Canadá, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Togo, Suriname
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    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Diciembre, 2015
    Sierra Leona, Alemania, China, África

    FAO has been operational in Sierra Leone since 1978. While the country has witnessed signs of development since the end of the decade-long civil war, the recent Ebola epidemic (2014-2016) has complicated this recovery process. FAO is currently focused on restoring livelihoods affected by the Ebola crisis and building human and institutional capacities to make communities more prepared and resilient to disasters.

  10. Library Resource
    Documentos de política y resúmenes
    Marzo, 2016
    Francia, Nigeria, Bélgica, Nepal, Burundi, Alemania, Guatemala, Reino Unido, Sudán del Sur, Sierra Leona, Etiopía, Italia, Níger, Malawi, Suiza, Kenya, Sudáfrica, Finlandia, Uganda, Somalia, Myanmar, Senegal

    Four years since the Voluntary Guidelines were endorsed by the Committee on World Food Security as the global consensus on improving tenure, their principles and processes are inspiring people around the world to take action. With wide ownership by governments, civil society and the private sector, they represent an unbiased framework in which new conversations on tenure are taking place, new skills are being developed, and new policies are being influenced in participatory ways.

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