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    Tailandia, Asia, Asia sudoriental

    The present Regulation is made under section 15 of the Act on Land Code Declaration. In particular, the Regulation lays down provisions relating to procedures of acquisition of land in Thailand on behalf of aliens. Clause 2 establishes that such a land must be located in a certain area round Bangkog as specified in this clause. The text consists of 9 clauses.

    Implements: Act promulgating the Land Code B.E. 2497. (2008)

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    г.Бишкек, Дом Правительства от 29 ноября 1999 года N 649 Постановление Правительства Кыргызской Республики Об утверждении Положения о передаче в аренду и использовании пастбищ

    Rusia, Kirguistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Ministerial Decree validates the Regulation on transfer in lease and management of pastures and the form of contract for transfer of the plots of pasture areas. It classifies pastures as: (a) pastures for transhumance; (b) pastures for intensive management; (c) pastures located between transhumance areas and fixed pasture areas; and (d) pastures of the inhabited areas. All pasture areas shall be mapped and shall have boundaries designated afield.

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    Bermudas, Américas, América Septentrional

    These Regulations amend the Bermuda Immigration and Protection (Land-Holding Charges) Regulations 2007 by replacing the Schedule, which sets out the land-holding charges payable by aliens under section 96(2) of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956 in respect of (acquisition of) land-holding rights.

    Amends: Bermuda Immigration and Protection (Land-Holding Charges) Regulations 2007. (2010)

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    Australia, Oceanía

    This reprint shows the legislation current as at the date on the cover and is authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel. A new reprint of the legislation will be prepared by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel when any change to the legislation takes effect. This change may be because a provision of the original legislation, or an amendment to it, commences or because a particular provision of the legislation expires or is repealed. This Regulation implements the Foreign Ownership of Land Register Act 1988 by setting the values of the fees prescribed under the Act.

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    Rusia, Uzbekistán, Asia, Asia central

    This Decree establishes special legal status and the modalities of allotment of plots of land to the participants of special industrial zones. The aforesaid land plots shall be transferred on condition of temporary land tenure for the period of 30 years, i.e. for the period of functioning of industrial zones as stated by decrees and other decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Infrastructure and production sites shall be located on site in accordance with land-use planning schemes.

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    Zambia, África, África oriental

    These Regulations provide for various matters relative to registration of documents relating to land such as: Presentation of documents relating to land (reg. 3); documents to be accompanied by a form in duplicate (3A); documents for deducing title (4); prior registered documents (5); form of documents (6); sketch plans of several pieces of land (7); subdivisions to be endorsed on prior documents (8); time for lodging documents (9); prescribed fees (10); lost documents (11); copies for information (12); official search (13).

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    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Order deletes and substitutes Form 1 and Form 3 of the Schedule to the International Persons Landholding Act. Form 1 concerns the application for a certificate of registration and specifies conditions for such certificate. Form 3 concerns the application for a permit to acquire immovable property.

    Amends: International Persons Landholding Act, 1993 (Cap. 140). (2009)

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    Malta, Europa, Europa meridional

    These Regulations supplement the Immovable Property (Designation of Special Areas) Regulations by inserting new regulations 4 and 5. These new provisions concern further circumstances under which the Minister of Finance is entitled to issue an order designating an area as a Special Designated Area, upon application by non residents who intend to acquire immovable property.

    Amends: Immovable Property (Designation of Special Areas) Regulations, 2006 (L.N. 227 of 2006). (2006)

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    NÖ Grundverkehrsverordnung.

    Austria, Europa, Europa occidental

    The present Ordinance implements the Lower Austria Land Transfer Law 2007 (LGBl. 6800–0). The Ordinance lays down provisions relating to compensation costs for member of the Land Transfer Commission. The text consists of 4 articles and 5 Annexes.

    Implements: Lower Austria Land Transaction Law 2007. (2013-11-20)

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