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    Diciembre, 2016

    The aim of the study was to determine the effects of land use management on changes in the fecal contamination of water in the Łyna River, one of the main lowland watercourses in the southern watershed of the Baltic Sea (northern Poland). A total of 120 water samples were collected in different seasons of 2011 and 2012 at 15 sites where the river intersected forest (FA), agricultural (AA), and urbanized (UA) areas.

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    Diciembre, 2008

    Restoration of mangroves is often considered a way to minimize losses incurred from their decline and to provide additional services to coastal communities. However, the success of restoration programs is often focused on biological or ecological criteria. The situation is no exception in Bangladesh, which houses the world's largest mangrove plantations. This study has been undertaken in a south-central estuarine island (Nijhum Dwip) of the Bangladesh coast and aims to understand societal perception on the achievements of a plantation program.

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    Diciembre, 2014

    In this study we analysed: (1) the biodiversity conservation capacity of Agroforestry Systems (AFS) in temperate highlands of the Tehuacán–Cuicatlán Valley, Central Mexico, (2) human cultural motives and actions for conserving such diversity and (3) problems endangering that capacity. We evaluated the richness and diversity of perennial plant species maintained in AFS through vegetation sampling of 14 agricultural plots and compared their composition with that of natural forests (14 plots of 500� m² each).

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    Diciembre, 2014

    As public land management agencies pursue region-specific resource management plans, with meaningful consideration of public attitudes and values, there is a need to characterize the complex mix of environmental attitudes in a diverse population. The contribution of this investigation is to make use of a unique household, mail/internet survey data set collected in 2007 in the Southwestern United States (Region 3 of the U.S. Forest Service).

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    Diciembre, 2014

    An investigation was done to determine the occurrence and composition of avian fauna community in the urbanizing city of Nairobi, Kenya. We conducted bird counts in sample sites randomly distributed over the Nairobi landscape within a two-year period. The proportion of seven different land cover types derived from within a 500� m radius of classified satellite image described the habitat condition of each sample site.

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    Diciembre, 2012

    Measures to select despeckling filter to remove speckles from TerraSAR-X image have been evaluated for an area having varied land cover classes. Gamma, Lee, Sigma, Mean, Median and Frost filters were applied in different window sizes. These images are visually compared and four parameters viz. Noise Mean Value (NMV), Noise Variance (NV), Mean Square Difference (MSD) and Equivalent Numbers of Looks (ENL) are calculated.

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    Diciembre, 2013
    Suiza, Noruega

    There is a strong trend toward reforestation of abandoned grasslands in alpine regions which may impact the carbon balance of alpine ecosystems. Here, we studied the effects of afforestation with Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) on an extensively grazed subalpine pasture in Switzerland on soil organic carbon (SOC) cycling and storage. Along a 120-year long chronosequence with spruce stands of 25, 30, 40, 45, and >120� years and adjacent pastures, we measured tree biomass, SOC stocks down to the bedrock, natural ¹³C abundances, and litter quality.

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    Diciembre, 2007

    This paper presents a methodology for the geological engineering survey of land degradation in urban environments using both remote sensing and geoprocessing tools. The area under study was the city of São Carlos, state of São Paulo, Brazil (urban and expansion area). The data presented here were obtained from earlier studies, photointerpretation and geological engineering mapping. The Envi 4.1 software package was used to prepare the digital orthophotos that served as a reference base for the information.

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    Diciembre, 2015

    Most researchers usually adopt laboratory experimental methods when studying the effects of water level variations on the concentrations of pollutants. In this study, the data from routine monitoring sites in the city of Luoyang, China, are collected and analyzed to verify the results of previous laboratory experiments and to examine whether variations in the water level affect the concentration of pollutants in different locations, particularly that of nitrates. Statistical studies conducted between 2007 and 2011 show a significant variation in the groundwater depth in the Luoyang area.

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