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    An Act to amend the Land Acquisition Act [CAP 215].

    Vanuatu, Oceanía

    This Act amends the Land Leases Act [CAP 163] in relation with various matters including; information to be provided to the Director; registration of leases; and payment for leases.

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    Being an Act to amend the Conservation Areas Act (Chapter 362).

    Papua Nueva Guinea, Oceanía

    This Act amends the Conservation Areas Act in sections 18,19, 20 and 24 with respect to transfer of functions of the Minister to the Managing Director of the Conservation and Environment Authority (relating to the Register of conservation areas). It also repeals section 23 and allows the Managing Director to issue a certificate in the prescribed form certifying that an area described in the certificate has been registered in the Register (sect. 22).

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    Australia, Oceanía

    The main purposes of this Act, consisting of 32 Sections divided into seven Parts and completed by 13 Schedules, are the following: to revoke reservations over various parcels of land; to revoke Crown grants and a Certificate of Title in relation to some of that land; to repeal the Burrumbeet (Russell Reserve) Land Act 1982; to provide for the revocation of part of the reservation of land at Albert Park and the re-reservation of that land; to provide for entry on and use of reserved land at Argyle Square for the construction and on-going use of a car park beneath that land.

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    An Act to control the distribution of agricultural chemicals from aircraft and from ground equipment, and for other purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    This Act, consisting of 7 Parts divided into 48 sections, makes provision with respect to the use of agricultural chemicals as defined by the AGVET Code which applies in force of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Queensland) Act 1994. Part 2 contains provisions dealing with matters of administration such as inspection and control and the continuing in existence of the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Board. Part 3 regulates distribution of pesticides from the air, whereas Part 4 concerns distribution from the ground.

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    Australia, Oceanía

    This Regulation, consisting of nine sections, implements the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. It specifies the contents of the application procedure for entering a place in the heritage register (sect. 4), the declaration of protected areas (sect. 6), provides the forms to be used under the Act and sets the fees to be paid. The Regulation is completed by three Schedules specifying the protected areas, setting the values of fees under the Act, etc.

    Implements: Queensland Heritage Act 1992. (2016-11-22)
    Repealed by: Queensland Heritage Regulation 2015. (2017-06-30)

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    Australia, Oceanía

    These Regulations implement the Planning and Environment Act 1987 by, among others, prescribing the manner and form of giving notice as required under the Act, related forms and information; defining the manner for keeping the register prescribed by the Act and for securing access to information.

    Implements: Planning and Environment Act 1987 (No. 47). (2016-06-28)
    Repealed by: Planning and Environment Regulations, 2015. (2015-03-16)
    Repeals: Planning and Environment Regulations 1998. (2004-08-01)

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    Australia, Oceanía

    These Regulations, consisting of 15 sections divided into four Parts and completed by one Schedule, regulates administrative and legal proceedings related to the certification of land title. Where an application is made for a certificate of title for the whole or part of the land the subject of any existing certificate or certificates of title the Registrar may, if the Registrar thinks fit, instead of creating the certificate of title so applied for, create and register a certificate of title for each lot or location or for any number of lots or locations included in that land.

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    Islas Salomón, Oceanía

    This Ordinance of the Temotu Province concerns the administration of agriculture and the control on agricultural activities in the province. The Provincial Executive may establish a Provincial Agriculture Advisory Committee, the functions of which are defined by this Ordinance.

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    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Decree amends the Land Transfer Act in section 159 by adding 8 new subsections in relation with the registration of an easement over a subdivisional lot by the Registrar and compensation or legal proceedings in relation with a decision of the Registrar to register such easement.

    Amends: Land Transfer Act. (1979)

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    An Act to provide for the registration of title to land, for dealings with land and for related purposes.

    Isla Norfolk, Oceanía

    This Act makes provision for the registration of title in land and defines effects of registration of title. The Act also provides other rules relative to dealings in land. Land in respect of which title has been registered under this Act may not be transferred, mortgaged, leased or otherwise dealt with, and an instrument that purports to deal with such land shall not be registered, except in accordance with this Act. Rights in land shall be registered with the Registrar of Titles of Norfolk Island.

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