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    Chad flag
    Legislación y políticas
    Julio, 1967

    La présente loi fixe la procédure de l’immatriculation de la propriété foncière. Cette procédure consiste dans l’établissement et l’enregistrement d’un titre de propriété appelé titre foncier. Par ailleurs, en ce qui concerne toute terre non immatriculée (vacante et sans maître, à moins que ne soit rapportée la preuve du contraire), elle prévoit la constatation et régime des droits coutumiers par une commission dont la composition est fixée par décret.

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    Country Profiles on Housing and Land Management Republic of Armenia
    Informes e investigaciones
    Diciembre, 2017

    This Country Profile (CP) of the Republic of Armenia is the nineteenth in the series and the second review done for the country. The first was prepared in 2004 and the analyses covered only the housing sector. This CP is an in-depth analyses of the housing, urban development and land management sectors of the Republic of Armenia. It provides policy recommendations on these sectors, while focusing on specific challenges and achievements.

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    Land-use change in the Caucasus during and after the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Diciembre, 2014
    Armenia, Azerbaiyán

    Socioeconomic shocks can shape future land-use trajectories. Armed conflicts are an extreme form of a socioeconomic shock, but our understanding of how armed conflicts affect land-use change is limited. Our goal was to assess land-use changes related to the 1991–1994 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region. We classified multi-temporal Landsat imagery, mapped land-use changes during and after the conflict, and applied matching statistics to isolate the effect of the conflict from other potential drivers of land change.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Noviembre, 2019

    One in every five people worldwide has paid a bribe to access land services. In Sub-Saharan Africa, this number rises to one in every two people. Corruption within systems of land administration and management is known as “land corruption”.

    Whether it’s an opaque deal between private investors and local authorities, citizens having to pay bribes during land administration processes, or customary laws that deny women their land rights, land corruption hits the poor and marginalised hardest.

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    Documentos de conferencias e informes
    Octubre, 2006

    Introduction of geoinformation technologies for building up a modern land management system in Georgia goes back to mid-1990s. This has been stimulated by start of land reform resulting in privatization of over 3 million agricultural land plots in whole in the entire country. These new properties were to be properly surveyed, registered and recorded in a newly established cadastral system with the aim of launching free market transactions.

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    Results of the Application of the Land Governance Assessment Framework

    Informes e investigaciones
    Agosto, 2013

    The Government of the Gambia has acknowledged that a prudent and sustainable management of the country‟s limited land resources is an essential precondition to poverty reduction and national food security. A critical step towards the realization of current national strategic objectives
    would be an evaluation of the land governance environment to determine where the country stands. In order to evaluate and prioritize these issues more systematically, country experts utilized the Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) developed by the World Bank and its

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Enero, 2021
    China, India, Pakistán

    A border dispute between Indian and Chinese troops, the most dangerous in 45 years, has roiled relations in the High Himalayan valleys and plateaus separating India (Ladakh) and China (Aksia Chin). Against this barren landscape, ancient pathways connecting Central, South, and East Asia converge, making the area today a key nodal point of commercial and strategic interest to three nuclear powers, India, China, and Pakistan.

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    Artículos de revistas y libros
    Abril, 2021
    Camboya, Tailandia

    How can maps drawn over a century ago still lead to conflict between two countries? The Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia are neighbors with a difficult history and a shared border. Their religious similarities have made sacred spaces along the border a divisive issue, with the sacred site of Preah Vihear a central point of controversy.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Julio, 2019

    This summary examines the challenges orphan children face in securing their land rights that affects their status during land registration. Particularly;the current practice of LIFTs implementation of procedures for registering deceased landholders parcels and its impact on single orphans. The study provides a strategy to ensure that orphans who have lost either one or both parents receive long-term access to their land use rights .This resource was published in the frame of the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme.

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    Informes e investigaciones
    Julio, 2021
    Kirguistán, Tayikistán

    In late April, 2021, deadly cross-border violence resulted in the deaths of 36 Kyrgyz and 19 Tajik citizens.1 To say that the Kyrgyz-Tajik border is complicated would be an understatement. The Soviet collapse in 1991 transformed internal and often overlooked administrative boundaries into suddenly salient and internationally recognized state borders. Villages, farmland, pasture, and infrastructure once shared with little afterthought during the Soviet period today straddle sovereign nations. Exclaves make cross-border travel, commerce, and politics even more complicated.

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