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    Botswana, África austral, África

    These Regulations provide for the establishment of Town Councils and define their duties and powers and internal organization.Councils are established by the Minister as a body corporate. Every Town Council shall appoint valuation officers for the valuation of land. Such officers shall be approved by the Minister and they shall make valuations of land and valuation rolls in accordance with these Regulations. There shall also be established in each area of a Town Council a Valuation Court. Transfer of land in the area of jurisdiction of a Town Council shall be notified.

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    An Act to establish and regulate the local government system in accordance with the Constitution and to provide for related matters.

    Ghana, África, África occidental

    This Act makes provision for the administration of districts, i.e. an area under the authority of a district assembly, a municipality or metropolis. Existing districts shall continue as districts for the purposes of this Act and new districts may be declared by the President by Executive Instrument.The Minister shall establish for each district, municipality or metropolis existing or created under this Act a District Assembly. The Act defines functions and powers of District Assemblies and provides rules for their functioning.

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    An Act to Repeal the Minerals and Mining Act, No. 34 of 1999 and Re-enact the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007 for the purposes of Regulating all Aspects of the Exploration and Exploitation of Solid Minerals in Nigeria; and for Related Purposes.

    Nigeria, África, África occidental

    This Act concerns the rights in and management of mineral resources in Nigeria. It provides rules for exploration and exploitation of resources and for the protection of the environment. It also concerns possession of mining material, small-scale mining and the protection of interests of host communities, provides incentives for mining operations and defines offences.“Minerals” excludes petroleum but includes water with mineral content. The Act establishes within the Ministry the Mines Inspectorate Department and the Mines Environmental Compliance Department and defines their functions.

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    An Act to make provision for the management of estates of missing persons and for other purposes connected therewith.

    Uganda, África, África oriental

    This Act makes provision for the management of estates of a person who disappears without making provision for the administration of his or her estate. Relatives may apply to court for an order which appoints a manager for the estate of the missing person. The Act also makes provision for matters relating to administration and management of the estates such as powers of the manager and control of its operation, appointment of agents and intervention by the Administrator General.

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    An Act to make provision for the compulsory acquisition of land for public purposes and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

    Uganda, África, África oriental

    This Act sets out the procedures for the acquisition of land by the State for public purposes. The Minister may, by Statutory Instrument, make a declaration to the effect that specified land is required by the Government for a public purpose. Appeal may be had against an award of compensation made by an assessment officer. The Act also provides for temporary occupation of waste or arable land for public purpose.

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    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    The aim of this Proclamation is to improve management and utilization of land and land resources for agricultural purposes. It applies to all land that lies outside of municipal borders. The Proclamation defines the right to acquire, free of charge, rural land by adult residents of the region, whose livelihood depends on agriculture, and other subjects. It also defines land use rights of peasants, pastoralists and semi-pastoralists and provides for the protection of such rights.

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    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    This Act concerns judicial sales of property including agricultural crop. It gives rules for the seizure and execution by way of sale. At any time, while the execution debtor remains in possession of the property seized, as judicial sequestrator, any creditor may obtain an order for the sale of part or of the whole of the crop of the said property. All sums of money which shall have been advanced by any sequestrator in accordance with the foregoing provisions shall be a privileged claim on the crop of the property.

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    Malawi, África, África oriental

    These Regulations, made under section 128 of the Mines and Minerals Act, prescribe the operations which may be carried on under section 116 (4) of the Act. Such operations include breaking up the surface of any land for the purpose of collecting information on the geology and mineral resources of Malawi.

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    Sudáfrica, África austral, África

    This Notice of the President of South Africa, made pursuant to section 235(8) of the Constitution, assigns the administration of the Mountain Catchment Areas Act, excluding certain functions that fall outside the functional areas specified in Schedule 6 to the Constitution, to a competent authority, to be designated by the Premier of the province concerned, within the jurisdiction of the government of a province mentioned in section 124 of the Constitution. The Notice defines the extend of the assignment (the whole Act except section 8(2) and amend the Act as specified in the Schedule.

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    Sudáfrica, África austral, África

    These Regulations, made by the Minister of Forestry under section 13 of the Mountain Catchment Areas Act, implements provisions of that Act in respect of: the constitution and composition of Fire Protection Committees; the election of members of advisory committees for Mountain Catchment Areas; applications for financial aid; declaration of private land as Mountain Catchment Area and relative procedures; directions to owners of land in a Mountain Catchment Area; and applications for compensation of patrimonial loss.

    Implements: Mountain Catchment Areas Act. (1996)

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