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    Armenia, Asia occidental, Asia

    This Law concerns the formation, organization, preservation and use of nature reserves. There are four types of reserves: (i) state conservancies, where most human interference is prohibited; (ii) national parks, where activities are somewhat less restricted and which are intended for recreational, historical, cultural and scientific purposes; (iii) state reserves, the characteristics of which are not specified; and (iv) natural monuments, which are natural objects of special scientific and historical cultural value.

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    Tanzania, África, África oriental

    The District Council may declare any area a prohibited or preserved (area). All areas listed in the First Schedule are hereby declared preserved areas (by-law 3). No person shall cultivate, cut any grass, or graze animals in any preserved area (by-law 4). The Council shall, after consultation with the Agricultural Officer, prescribe the type of agricultural or animal husbandry, the type of crops that may be planted and the steps taken to prevent soil erosion and to conserve water in a prescribed area (by-law 5).

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    Francia, Europa, Europa occidental

    Cette loi reconnait le littoral comme une entité géographique qui appelle une politique spécifique d'aménagement, de protection et de mise en valeur. la loi concerne concerne non seulement les communes riveraines des mers et océans, des étangs salés, des plans d’eau intérieurs d’une superficie supérieure à 1 000 hectares, mais aussi celles qui, sous certaines conditions, sont riveraines des estuaires et des deltas.

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    España, Europa, Europa meridional

    La presente Ley parte de un concepto positivo de suelo no urbanizable, de manera que no lo define como una negación residual del urbanizable así, se considera como suelo no urbanizable: (a) el dominio público natural marítimo e hidráulico, (b) los terrenos que estén sujetos a un régimen específico de protección o mejora, (c) los terrenos que reúnan valores o presenten características que, conforme a la legislación urbanística, de protección del patrimonio histórico, de conservación de la naturaleza, fauna y flora o del medio ambiente, los hagan merecedores de una especial protección, (d) lo

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    Estados Unidos de América, Américas, América Septentrional

    This Act authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to participate in forest land management activities on Indian forest lands either directly or through contracts, cooperative agreements or grants under the Indian Self-Determination Act.

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    An Act made to provide for soil and watershed conservation.

    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    The Government may declare any area as a protected watershed area and the Watershed Conservation Officer may take within the area the measures established by the present Act for the purpose of soil and watershed conservation (e.g. construction and maintenance of waterworks, afforestation, planting of grasses or other vegetation, protection of forests, cultivation of crops and fruits, maintenance of the fertility of the soil, etc.).

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    Nepal, Asia, Asia meridional

    This Act concerns the establishment of the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority, whose functions shall pertain to land use planning, the development in land-use areas and the prescription of methods of construction works, the formulation and implementation for the development and maintenance of cultural heritage, the protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources. Subsequent sections establish all the powers given to the Authority in connection with its functions.

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    An Act to amend legislation administered by the Department of Environment, Sport and territories, and for related purposes.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The first and second Schedule to this Act set out amendments to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975: offences (sect. 38); preparation , amendment and revocation of plans of management by the Marine Park Authority (new Part VB); search powers of inspectors (sect. 46); penalties (various sections); and other matters. The Authority may prepare plans of management for: (a) one or more areas of the Marine Park; (b) one or more species in the Park; (c) one or more ecological communities within the Park (sect. 39X).

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    Botswana, África austral, África

    No person shall remove any natural resource from the Area under the jurisdiction of a District Council adopting these by-laws except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a removal permit (by-law 3). "Natural resources" includes firewood, gravel, sand, soil, stones, thatching, grass, veld product and river reeds. "Veld product" means any plant, root, fruit or tuber used either for consumption by humans or domestic animals or for medicinal or veterinary purposes (by-law 2).

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These Regulations impose upon local authorities involved in free economic zones the duty: (a) to carry out assessment of the impact on the environment of activities in the zones; (b) improve the zones through land use planning; (c) specify obligations of the contracting parties in economic contracts. The local authorities may formulate local supplementary environmental standards. Article 6 requires foreign enterprises to employ environmentally friendly technology. Article 9 deals with permits for the discharge of polluting substances. (13 articles)

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