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    A Decree to provide for the restructuring of the the mahogany industry in Fiji for the purpose of facilitating its further development having regard to the inetersts of indigenous landowners and the people of Fiji generally, and for related matters.

    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Decree establishes the Mahogany Industry Council and provides for the continuation of the Fiji Mahogany Trust, which was established as a body corporate under section 5 of the Fiji Mahogany Act 2003 for the benefit of landowners and the Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited, transformed into a privatised Company for the purposes of developing the mahogany industry in Fiji, including the harvesting and processing of mahogany forests.

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    An Ordinance to provide for the protection of land for custom and conservation purposes.

    Islas Salomón, Oceanía

    The purpose of this Ordinance is to assist owners of land to protect and manage their land and land based resources for conservation, custom spiritual and amenity purposes. Any owner of land may apply to the Isabel Province Executive for a declaration that part or all of their land be set aside as a Conservation Area (sect. 4). The Executive may declare Conservation Areas under section 5. Section 6 concerns amendment or removal of the status as Conservation Area. A notification of a declaration as Conservation Area shall be published and distributed as prescribed in section 8.

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    An Act relating to the acquisition by the Commonwealth of certain land in the Northern Territory.

    Australia, Oceanía

    The object of this Act is to ensure, as soon as it is practicable to do so, that, notwithstanding the uncertainty that has arisen in relation to the effectiveness of the acquisition of the relevant land by the Commonwealth under the Lands Acquisition Act in 1978, that land is vested in the Commonwealth, and the Commonwealth has a right to immediate possession of that land, for the purpose of including that land in a park or parks established or to be established pursuant to the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975 and of using or enabling the use of part of that land for the de

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    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Decree amends the Native Land Trust Act by establishing in that Act and all subsidiary laws made under that Act the word "native" shall be deleted wherever it appears and be replaced by the word "i Taukei". A new section is inserted in the principal Act. That section establishes that all written laws are amended by deleting all references to the word "native" wherever it appears and by inserting "i Taukei".

    Amends: Native Land Trust Act. (1985)

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    An Act to establish a commission to review all land leases to safeguard the rights of landowners and successors in interest and to ensure compliance with the rules of customary law applicable thereto.

    Islas Marshall, Oceanía

    A Commission is established to review all land leases prior to execution to ensure that the interests of all relevant landowners and successors in interest are adequately safeguarded and protected. The review serves the purpose of avoiding land right disputes mainly involving foreign investors and (local) landowners and successors in interest. The Commission shall be headed by the Attorney-General. The Commission shall approve and submit to the Clerk of Court for filing, only those land leases which are in compliance with the provisions of section 404.

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    Guam, Oceanía

    This Chapter concerns the recording of conveyance of real property and the effects of recording. The term conveyance embraces every instrument in writing by which any estate or interest in real property is created, alienated, mortgaged, or encumbered, or by which the title to any real property may be affected, except wills. Every conveyance of real property acknowledged or proved and certified and recorded as prescribed by law from the time it is filed with the Director of Land Management is constructive notice of the contents thereof to subsequent purchasers and mortgagees.

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    An Act to amend 2 CMC, Div. 4,s 4382; and for other purposes.

    Islas Marianas del Norte, Oceanía

    The amendments of the Rota Agricultural Homestead Act concern the designation of homestead areas by the Board of Public Lands. Designated lands shall be allotted to qualified persons for purposes of farming. Those persons shall have the right to acquire title upon the fulfilment of conditions prescribed in the principal Act.

    Amends: Rota Agricultural Homestead Act of 1990 (P.L. 7-11). (1990-10-24)

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    An Act to make provision for the valuation of land; to establish the office of Valuer-General; to provide for the functions and powers of the Principal Valuation Officer in the Ministry of Lands; and for other purposes.

    Vanuatu, Oceanía

    This Act concerns public control on the valuation of land. The general role of the Valuer-General is: (a) to exercise functions with respect to the valuation of land in Vanuatu; and (b) to ensure the integrity of valuations under this Act; and (c) to act as a land referee in disputes regarding rentals and land values (sects 3 to 6). The Principal Valuation Officer is to ascertain the value of each parcel of land in Vanuatu and any land value ascertained under this Act is to be entered in the Valuation Roll.

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    Fiji, Oceanía

    This Decree amends the iTaukei Land Act (formerly the Native Lands Act) in subsection 1(b) of section 19 by deleting the words "Great Council of Chiefs" and substituting "iTaukei Affairs Board". Section 19 was inserted by the Native Lands (Amendment) Act 2002 in the principal Act and concerns the allotment of all extinct mataqali land.

    Amends: Native Lands Act. (1985)

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    Islas Cook, Oceanía

    The amendment extends the term of a lease of land for the purpose of growing a short term crop from fifteen months to five years.

    Amends: Short Term Crop Leases Act (Act No. 11). (1966-11-10)

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