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    Decreto-Lei n. 37/2014, de 22 de Julho.

    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Decree-Law, consisting of 8 Chapters, establishes the special legal regime for the implementation of land cadastre in Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Maio islands, establishing a set of special legislation, in particular, with regard to the implementation of cadastre, the regularization in urban areas of illegal activity (AUGI), the unofficial land register or in special cases, the adoption of exceptional measures facilitating the regime of land tenure, for the acquisition of full ownership, as well as the creation of managerial incentives in terms of administrative fees, as part of th

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    Decreto legislativo n. 1/2006.

    Cabo Verde, África, África occidental

    This Legislative Decree, composed of 50 Chapters, approves the basic Order on Urban and Spatial Planning. In particular, it provides a classification of land comprised under the national territory and defines the basic principles undergoing spatial planning and management. Particular attention is paid to the institution of an integrated management system involving national and local administrations, as well as the provision of framework contracts as urban planning tools.

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    Malawi, África, África oriental

    This Order, made under section 31 of the Land Act, provides that on the land described in the First Schedule no control person shall, without the prior consent of the Minister or his or her authorized representative: (a) make any new garden; (b) plant any tree or shrub; (c) erect any building of any description whatsoever. The Order also provides for powers of authorized officers in proceedings under section 36 (1) of the Act against any person who has trespassed or encroached upon public land or is in unlawful use or occupation of such land.

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    Malawi, África, África oriental

    This Order of the Minister, made pursuant to section 41 of the Land Act, delegates to and authorizes, subject to his or her special and general directions, the Project Manager, the Chief Settlement Officer, the Settlement Officer or the Assistant Settlement Officer to sign and issue Settlers Licences in connection with any agricultural settlement or re-settlement scheme in any Region of Malawi.

    Implements: Land Act (Cap. 57:01). (1982)

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    Mauricio, África, África oriental

    The Act makes renewed provision for – (a) generally the protection of wild fauna and flora; (b) giving effect to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and any other biodiversity related Convention to which Mauritius is or may become a party; and (c) the identification, control and management of reserved lands and private reserves, and for related matters.

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    Benin, África, África occidental

    Le présent décret régit les modes d'acquisition des terres rurales par des nationaux et non nationaux et leur transfert conformément aux dispositions des articles 8 et suivants, 355 et suivants de la loi 2013-01 du 14 août 2013 portant code foncier et domanial en République du Bénin.Le propriétaire bénéficie d'un droit d'usage, de jouissance et de disposition sur sa terre, droit qu'il exerce de la manière la plus absolue dans le respect des lois et règlements, notamment ceux portant sur l'obligation de mise en valeur, d'aménagement, de sécurité et de protection de l'environnement.

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    Decreto Presidencial n. 31/11 de 9 de Fevereiro

    Angola, África, África Central

    This Presidential Decree, consisting of 2 Chapters, regulates spatial planning for public lands within the coastal area of the Province of Luanda transferring them to the private sector, according to Law No. 9/98. In particular, it regulates the public coastal lands and public territories within the maritime areas destined to the settlement of infrastructures and support equipments, not only limited for beach facilities, but also for the entire marine coastal zones within the Province of Luanda.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    República Centroafricana, África, África Central

    Face aux changements climatiques avec des conséquences négatives sur la croissance et le développement, la République Centrafricaine (RCA) a élaboré le Programme d’Action National aux fins de l’Adaptation (PANA) basée sur une approche participative. Son objectif est de contribuer à atténuer les effets néfastes des changements climatiques sur les populations les plus vulnérables, dans la perspective d’un développement durable.

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    Lei n. 9/04.

    Angola, África, África Central

    This Law, composed of 89 articles divided in 5 chapters, regulates the general principles on land rights. In particular, the Law rules on: property rights, rural community rights, natural resources’ use and protection measures, land expropriation, land concession, territorial planning, land classification, and registration procedures.

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    A Regulation to Provide for the Procedure of Land Allocation and Administration.

    Eritrea, África, África oriental

    The Regulation is made under the Land Proclamation No. 58/1994. It sets out the procedure for the allocation and administration of land and applies to all types of urban and rural land. Land shall be allocated for tiesa, agricultural usufruct or leasehold, on the basis of a master plan. To ensure these rights, right holders shall be given an allocation certificate or lease agreement. To prevent allocation of land to holders with the sole aim of holding land idle, the size of land to be allocated shall be proportionate to the planned aim (art. 3(4)).

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