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    Enero, 2023

    Despite the potential importance of seed quality to agricultural productivity growth, many governments in sub-Saharan Africa lack the capacity to expand quality assurance systems even where there is expressed interest. This brief summarizes the key insights from a recent study in Nigeria. The evidence points toward the benefits of pursuing balanced, flexible seed quality assurance systems rather than focusing singularly on expanding rigorous seed certification systems, as the country has done until recently.

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    Enero, 2023

    Seasonal climate forecasts are crucial inputs for effective planning of adaptation to climate variability in the climate-sensitive development sectors. In West Africa, recommendations associated with seasonal forecasts are often based on expert judgment and assessment of the forecasts. This approach can be subjective and misleading, thus limiting the effectiveness of adaptation planning decision. This Info Note proposes a novel approach for translating seasonal forecasts into actionable sector-specific information.

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    Enero, 2023

    The report aims to provide an overview of the feasibility and pre-implementation phase activities being undertaken by AICCRA under The Aggregator Growth Development & Investment Program in Ghana to co-design a comprehensive scalable climate-smart bundled finance solution targeting the Tomato Value Chain.

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    Enero, 2023

    The CGIAR Initiative on Aquatic Foods partnered with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Water Research Institute (CSIR-WRI), the Fisheries Commission, and collaborated with local government departments and local communities to implement fish cage culture in selected small reservoirs in Ghana. This brief highlights the technical and institutional principles that were applied in these sites for inclusive and sustainable aquatic food production in the year 2023.

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    Enero, 2023

    The Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa (AICCRA) project aims to enhance access to climate information services and validated climate-smart agriculture technologies in Africa, to help these countries strengthen the resilience of their agricultural sectors to the threat posed by climate change. Strengthening the capacity of next users, particularly agricultural extension and advisory service (EAS) providers who work to support farmers in Senegal and five other target countries, is crucial for achieving this goal.

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