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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    Immovable property subject to state registration in accordance with this Federal Law are the plots of land, of subsoil, detached waterworks and other units situated on land and inseparably linked to it such as edifices, constructions, lodging and premises, forests and perennial plantations, condominiums, enterprises and property complexes. This Federal Law consists of 6 Chapters composed of 33 articles. Chapter 1 (arts. 1-8) lays down the general provisions. Chapter 2 (arts.

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    These Instructions establish the modalities of the registration of the contracts of granting of the share of land on lease. The contract of lease can be concluded by the owner of the share of land (Landlord), and an agricultural enterprise or a farmer (Lease-holder). Either a single landlord or a group of landlords can grant on lease shares of land. In the latter case the contract of lease is concluded with multitude of physical persons on the part of landlords.

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    Diciembre, 1995
    Asia central, Kazajstán, Rusia

    This Law consists of VI sections subdivided into XIX chapters that contain 123 Articles. Section I lays down the general provisions. It comprehends Chapters I - II that contain Articles 1-13. Section II regulates ownership and other rights of property on land. It comprehends Chapters III-IX that contain Articles 14-75. Section III gives the classification of the types of land. It comprehends Chapters 10-16 that contain Articles 76-102. Section IV regards protection of land, state control, land survey, land monitoring and land cadastre.

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    Being an Act to unify the law relating to the registration of title to land, and for related purposes.

    Papua Nueva Guinea, Oceanía

    An Act to provide for the registration of titles in land, for the appointment of the Registrar of Titles and Deputy Registrars of Title, and to set out certain requirements for the transfer of land, the creation of a lease, mortgage and other rights in land.The Act consists of 193 sections divided into 19 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Registration generally (III); State leases (IV); Transfer of land (V); Leases (VI); Mortgages and charges (VII); Caveats (VIII); Easements and similar interests (IX); Implied covenants and powers (X); Trusts (XI); Transmissions (XII); Powers of

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    Canadá, Américas, América Septentrional

    This Act regulates the title to land in Alberta. It is divided into 23 parts as follows: 1. Land Titles Office (sect. 4); 2. Officers (sects. 5-24); 3. Registration (sects. 25-59); 4. Transfers (sects. 68-74); 5. Plans (sects. 76-95); 6. Leases (sects. 98-104); 7. Mortgages and Encumbrances (sects. 105-113); 8. Powers of Attorney (sect. 115); 9. Transmission (sects. 116-120); 10. Enforcement (sects. 122 and 123); 11. Changes of Name (sect. 128); 12. Assignment for Benefit of Creditors; (sect. 129); 13. Amending Agreements (sect. 129); 14. Caveats (sects. 130-148); 15.

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    China, Asia oriental, Asia

    These measures propose to strengthen land administration, the protection of land rights, and to improve utilization of land in Shanxi. Chapter I provides for administration of land. The local government shall restrict conversion of land for agriculture to land for construction. Chapter 2 concerns ownership of land and land use rights. The Province shall implement a land registration system in accordance with the Law. Chapter 3 makes provision for comprehensive land utilization plans to be drawn up by local governments. Chapter 4 contains provisions for the protection of farmland.

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    109/1999. (XII. 29.) FVM rendelet az ingatlan-nyilvántartásról szóló 1997. évi CXLI. törvény végrehajtásáról

    Hungría, Europa oriental, Europa

    This Decree lays down detailed rules regarding the subject and content of real estate registration. It specifies one by one rights and facts that must or may be registered on property records. It also specifies the categories of real estates, such as crop field, grass land, vineyard, orchard, forest, fish pond, uncultivated land, and various kind of buildings. Real estate registration process, changing of recorded data, and the necessary documents for the registration are also described in this Decree.

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    Rusia, Europa oriental, Europa

    The Government decrees to validate the Regulation. The Government decrees that the operations regarding stocktaking must be financed through land taxes and land lease. The document consists of 8 Articles. All the categories of land are subject to stocktaking except for agricultural land. In the process of stocktaking must be elicited the following facts: 1). The compliance of the documents certifying the right of ownership of the juridical persons of the plots of land. 2). The plots of land actually in use. 3).

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    Nicaragua, América central, Américas

    El presente Acuerdo crea el Consejo superior institucional con la competencia de formular, coordinar y dictar las políticas relacionadas con la propiedad rural, supervisar la preparación del Proyecto de Ordenamiento de la propiedad y asegurar la coordinación interinstitucional que garantice una implementación efectiva.

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    Cuba, Américas, Caribe

    El presente Reglamento del Sistema de control estatal sobre la tierra, dispone que la responsabilidad de dirigirlo corresponde a los delegados territoriales y a los delegados municipales del Ministerio de Agricultura. El Reglamento crea las Comisiones de Asuntos Agrarios a nivel nacional, provincial y municipal, como órganos que evalúan las temáticas relacionadas con la legislación agraria y coordinan las acciones a ejecutar.

    Enmendado por: Resolución Conjunta que reestructura las Comisiones de Asuntos Agrarios. (2008-01-07)

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