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    Febrero, 2017

    These Regulations, made by the Minister under sections 28(4FA) and 34 of the Sugar Industry Efficiency Act (28A was introduced by the Sugar Industry Efficiency (Amendment) Act 2016), specify the circumstances in which a person is entitled to convert land free of land conversion tax and the conversion factor.

    Implements: Sugar Industry Efficiency Act. (1990)

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    An Act to consolidate with amendments the law relating to geological, soil and land survey.

    Ghana, África, África occidental

    This Act provides rules relative to the survey of soil and land and the demarcation of land with boundary marks. It also provides for the protection of boundary marks and defines the powers of the Director of Geological Survey, officers of the Geological Survey Department and other persons authorized to carry out land or soil survey.Only authorized persons (e.g. official and licensed surveyors) may carry out surveys of land for the purpose of preparing any plan for attachment to any instrument or conveyance, leases, assignments, charge or transfer.

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    Kenya, África oriental, África

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Survey Act with respect to the Land Surveyors Board, the Standing Committee on Geographical Names, the examination and issue of licences, land survey operations, government land surveys and resolution of disputes. The Regulations also provide for the reservation of land in case of survey for purposes of alienation of government land in coastal areas and near to lakes or tidal rivers.

    Implements: Survey Act (Cap. 299). (2000)

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Etiopía, África, África oriental

    The Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program is a cross-sectoral national program of Ethiopia covering the period of 2002-2005. Its main objective is to reduce poverty and at the same time maintain macroeconomic stability.With regard to food security, the strategy’s overall objective is to ensure food security at the household level, while the rural development policies and strategies would focus on ensuring national food self-sufficiency.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 2007

    The present Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan (PRSAP) 2007 provides the framework for poverty focused planning and budgeting in the short to medium term. Poverty reduction will be central to all sectoral development plans and the medium term expenditure framework. Part 3 defines the Overarching Policy Objective as follows: The overriding goal of the PRSAP is to reduce poverty by more than 50% by 2015 and then ultimately eradicate it by 2022.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Enero, 2003

    Tanzania Agricultural Sector Policy 2003 is a national cross-sectoral policy with an overall goal to promote sustainable development of the agricultural sector for economic, social and environmental benefits for its people.Improvement of food insecurity and nutrition is amongst the objectives of this strategy.

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    Seychelles, África, África oriental

    This Act makes provision with respect to security of tenure. It provides for the protection of tenants by defining their rights and by allowing statutory tenants to register with the Registrar of Tenants' Rights appointed under this Act. The Registrar may require the Government to compulsory acquire premises under the Lands Acquisition Act for purposes of protection of rights of an applicant for registration. The Registrar may apply to the Registrar General for the subdivision of any land where the Minister certifies that the subdivision is desirable to give effect to this Act.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Sierra Leona, África occidental, África

    The Third Generation Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper is a cross-sectoral national strategic document of Sierra Leone in force during 2013-2018. Its main objective is to achieve a robust and consistent level of high economic growth and to maintain significant progress on governance indicators together with sustained improvements in human development indicators for its citizens.The Paper provides for various measures in order to increase the production of staple food crops for food security. These measures mainly concentrate on agricultural development and are summarized below.

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    Políticas Nacionales
    Uganda, África, África oriental

    The Government of Uganda's first National Gender Policy (NGP) was approved in 1997. The policy provided a legitimate point of reference for addressing gender inequalities at all levels of government and by all stakeholders.

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