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    Samoa Americana, Oceanía

    This Chapter makes provision for guardianship in relationship with adminsitartion of estates of a minor or of a person who is for any cause mentally or physically incompetent to manage his own property. Guardianship proceedings shall be administered in the Trial Division of the High Court, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over guardianships. Section 3 defines the qualifications of guardianship. Every guardian shall have power to sell the personal estate which has come into his hands, under such terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Trial Division of the High Court.

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    Samoa Americana, Oceanía

    This Chapter provides for certain aspects of inheritance of real property. When any person having any title to any real property dies without disposing of such real property by will, it shall be succeeded to and must be distributed, subject to the payment of debts and the rights of dower, in the manner as set out in section 2. If there is no one capable of succeeding to either real or personal property, the real and personal property of the decedent shall escheat to the government as the ultimate heir.

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    Samoa Americana, Oceanía

    This Chapter provides for the disposal of (real) property by will and execution of wills. It defines certain requirements regarding execution, rights of spouse of the deceased person and legal procedures. A surviving spouse may elect to take dower instead of property devised or bequeathed to such spouse.

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    An Act to provide for the appointment of a Public Trustee and for matters connected therewith.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act provides for the establishment of the office of Public Trustee as a corporation and appointment of a Public Trustee by the Governor-General and defines the powers and functions of the Public Trustee. The Act also provides rules for the acceptance and administration of trusts by the Public Trustee and the administration of small estates by persons appointed by the Public Trustee upon application.

    Implemented by: Public Trustee (Fees) Order (Cap. 177). (1971)
    Implemented by: Public Trustee Rules (Cap. 177). (1971-04-01)

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    Jamaica, Américas, Caribe

    This Act provides that real estate over which a person executes by will a general power of appointment, as if it were real estate vested in him, without a right in any other person to take by survivorship, shall on his death, notwithstanding any testamentary disposition, devolve to and become vested in his personal representative(s), as if it were a chattel real vesting in them or him.

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    Dominica, Caribe, Américas

    This Act provides rules relative to various matters of real property including leases, administration of estates of deceased persons and mortgages.

  7. Library Resource

    An Act to consolidate the enactments relating to Conveyancing and the Law of Property in England and Wales.

    Kiribati, Oceanía

    This Act contains rules relative to real property and especially the lease and disposal of land.It prescribes rules relative to the manner of giving effect to equitable interests and powers, Creation and disposition of equitable interests, vesting orders and dispositions of legal estates operating as conveyances by an estate owner, leasehold, rights on real property in case of infancy, lunacy or death, common ownership, registration of rights, etc.

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    An Act to declare the application of the rule against perpetuties to future easements.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    For the avoidance of doubt, this Act declares that the rule against perpetuities shall apply to future easements and such easements shall be void. The Act also stipulates that a covenant not to interfere with the exercise of rights which, if directly granted, would constitute an easement declared void under this Act, shall not be enforceable against a purchaser of land affected thereby.

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    An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve trustees.

    Bahamas, Américas, Caribe

    This Act makes provision for selected matters in relation with property and in particular immovable property.The Act provides rules relative to licensed activities in respect of leases and other effects of legal deeds or proceedings on lease, effects of release from a rentcharge or judgements of parts of hereditaments charged therewith on unreleased parts, executions of deeds, illegal practices with deeds, duties of trustees and executors in respect of existing leases and other matters regarding land under inheritance or intestate.

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    Cuba, Américas, Caribe

    El presente Decreto establece cuáles son las acciones u omisiones no constitutivas de delito que se deberán considerar como contravenciones de las disposiciones legales vigentes en materia de posesión, propiedad y herencia de la tierra y bienes agropecuarios, y del registro de la tenencia de la tierra.

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