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    قرار رقم 3339 بقانون الملكية

    Noviembre, 1930

    This Resolution consists of 9 Sections divided into 270 articles. Section I deals with real estate. Sectiuon II provides for property. Section III concerns with easements. Section IV relates to mortgages. Section V pertains to privileges and enforcement. Section VI refers to endowments and leasing. Section VII deals with ownership rights. Section VIII refers to promise to sell and to choose. Section IX contains registration right in the Land Register.

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    Mayo, 1985

    Rules made by the Land Surveyors' Board under section 15 of the Land Surveyors' Act. Rule 3 prescribes the conditions for the issue of a licence to practise as land surveyor in Barbados: A person shall have completed apprenticeship with a land surveyor and the Lands and Surveys Department and shall have passed the final examination of the Board. Exceptions may be made persons as specified in paragraph [2] of rule 3. This category includes land surveyors from other Commonwealth Carribean countries and those who possess qualifications as set out in part I of the Second Schedule.

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    Enero, 1985

    This Decree prescribes the procedures required for selling or leasing municipal or communal land property, to agricultural cooperatives: either lease or sale of land property to agricultural cooperatives is allowed directly from the competent authorities (Municipalities), without any auction procedures; these land properties shall be used by the cooperatives exclusively for the purposes for which they have been leased.

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    Vejledning om ophævelse af lokalplaner og byplanvedtægter uden tilvejebringelse af ny lokalplan.

    Agosto, 2014

    Before the amendment of Act No. 579 of 18 June 2012 to the Planning Act, it was only possible for local authorities to lift local planning and zoning for areas returned to rural zones. The reason for the amendment was, among other things, the municipal desire for a more simplified and thus more appropriate management of issues which too often were based on exemptions. The amendment thus allows municipalities to abolish zoning and local plans for areas in urban areas when it is no longer possible to manage permissions/authorizations without the implementation of articles 14 or 19.

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    Vejledning om delegation efter planloven.

    Until the adoption of Act No. 579 of 18 June 2012 amending the Planning the local council is conferred by the Planning Act delegation of powers to allow the management of appeals, including the administration of adopted local plans. The guidelines in this document give information on procedures and regulations thereof. The local council has at all times the ability to change a decision delegation, so that a previously announced delegation to a committee or to the management may fully or partially be recalled.

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    Diciembre, 2001

    Les dispositions de la présente loi définissent les orientations et les instruments d’aménagement du territoire de nature à garantir un développement harmonieux et durable de l’espace national, fondé sur: - Les choix stratégiques que requiert un développement de cette nature; - Les politiques qui concourent à la réalisation de ces choix; - La hiérarchisation des instruments de mise en oeuvre de la politique d’aménagement et de développement durable du territoire.

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