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    Junio, 2017

    The objective of the Planning Regulation 2017 is to prescribe instruments and address matters provided for under the Planning Act 2016, and provide the mechanics for the operation and implementation of the Act.

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    Agosto, 2011

    The objects of this Act, consisting of 99 sections divided into six Chapters and completed by one Schedule, are: a) to provide rules about each neighbour’s responsibility for dividing fences and for trees so that neighbours are generally able to resolve issues about fences or trees without a dispute arising; and b) to facilitate the resolution of any disputes about dividing fences or trees that do arise between neighbours.

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    Agosto, 2017

    This Regulation, consisting of 16 sections divided into four Parts and completed by four Schedules, implements the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995. It approves coastal zone map—Act, s 18C. For section 18C of the Act, the Coastal zone map for Queensland, certified by the chief executive on 3 October 2011, is approved as the coastal zone map. The exact location of the boundary of the coastal zone shown on the map is held in digital electronic form by the department.

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