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    Enero, 2023

    This working paper was developed based on a policy and literature review to take stock of the latest information on forest-food linkages in Kenya. Our review shows Kenya’s forests play important roles in providing food directly to local communities, as well as requisite conditions for sustainable food production systems in the country. Food-forest linkages are widely articulated in different policies issued by the Government of Kenya that draw on the principle of producing food without destroying forests.

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    Enero, 2023

    A l’instar des régions du Niger, l’agriculture de la région de Tillabéri fait face à plusieurs conséquences néfastes du changement climatique affectant le développement agricole de la région. Cependant, il existe diverses potentialités pour développer ce secteur agricole afin de mieux supporter les chocs climatiques telles que l’Agriculture Intelligent face au Climat (AIC).

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    Enero, 2023

    The smallholder mechanization starter pack is an innovation pioneered and developed by CIMMYT’s mechanization team in Zimbabwe. This tool was born out of necessity to alleviate farm power shortage faced by smallholder farmers and farming communities, offering a low-cost mechanization option centered on two-wheel tractor and small engine driven machinery pack. The pack is meticulously tailored to enhance land and labour productivity, improve timeliness of agricultural operations, reduce production cost, and eliminate human drudgery.

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    Enero, 2023

    Changes in frequency and intensity of climate and weather events are a key challenge to agricultural production among farmers in Zambia. Climate variability reduces farm productivity, which in turn contributes to household food insecurity, income variability, and reduced overall economic growth. Using improved technologies such as mechanization, improved seed varieties, irrigation, and fertilizer can improve climate resilience and farm production among smallholder farmers.

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