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  1. Library Resource
    Mayo, 2016

    Le présent décret fixe les règles de procédure applicables à l’enregistrement des biens immeubles domaniaux. Il prévoit la requête en enregistrement d'un immeuble domanial; l’enquête foncière; l’établissement et de la délivrance des titres fonciers, en application de la loi n° 1/13 du 09 août 2011 portant révision du code foncier du Burundi.

    Met en oeuvre: Loi nº 1-13 du 9 août 2011 portant revision du Code foncier du Burundi. (2011-08-09)

  2. Library Resource
    Mayo, 2007

    This Regulation concerns rural land management and rights and use of rural land in Amhara National Region. It seeks to create favourable conditions enabling the land administration system to promote long-lasting agricultural development and productivity in the regional state by causing the full implementation of the rights and obligations pertaining to the rural land holders as are stipulated under the Revised Rural Land Administration and Use Determination Proclamation.

  3. Library Resource
    Políticas Nacionales
    Diciembre, 2016

    The National Policy Agenda is a cross-cutting nation-wide document aiming at providing all Palestinians with an improved standard of living, better services accessible to all and responsive, accountable, transparent public institutions that put citizens’ interests and needs first improving their quality of life by providing high-quality public services, fostering job creation in the private sector and protecting the vulnerable.The Agenda is built upon the National Vision and three pillars each including a series of national priorities as follows (i) path to independence (including ending th

  4. Library Resource
    Diciembre, 2016

    El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento General para la aplicación de la Ley Orgánica de Tierras Rurales y Territorios Ancestrales, que tiene por objeto regular la aplicación de la Ley Orgánica de Tierras Rurales y Territorios Ancestrales, de conformidad con los principios, finalidades, lineamientos de la política agraria de tierras y los derechos vinculados a la propiedad de la tierra rural y territorios ancestrales.Sobre las condiciones para determinar el cambio de la clasificación del uso del suelo rural, dispone que la Autoridad Agraria Nacional, a solicitud del Gobierno Autónomo Desc

  5. Library Resource
    Septiembre, 2017
    Reino Unido

    This Act provides for the establishment of a Welsh Landfill Disposals Tax (LDT), which will replace the Landfill Tax. The tax shall be charged on disposals to landfill in Wales.

  6. Library Resource
    Enero, 1886
    Sierra Leona

    This Act makes provision with respect to the procedure of escheat of property, i.e. the appropriation of any casual revenues arising within the Colonies or Foreign Possessions of the Crown (other than Droits of the Crown and Droits of the Admiralty) for or towards any public purposes within the Colonies or Possessions in which the same respectively may have arisen, including the revenue to arise from the estates and effects of persons who have died intestate and without heirs or next of kin.

  7. Library Resource
    Septiembre, 2017
    Cabo Verde

    This Decree-Law establishes the third amendment to Decree-Law No. 37/2014 of 23 July, amended by Decree-Law No. 44/2016 of 6 September, and by Decree-Law No. 52/2015 of 24 September. Amendments deal with the following specific requirements: Exemption from the payment of registration fees; Owners with two or more buildings; Safeguarding of produced effects;

    Amends: Decree-Law No. 37/2014 establishing the special legal regime for the implementation of land cadastre in Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente and Maio islands. (2014-07-22)

  8. Library Resource
    Septiembre, 1998

    The present Ordinance contains provisions relating to the use of biological waste on agricultural and forestry soil. The text consists of 14 articles as follows: Sphere of application (art. 1); Definition of terms (art. 2); Requirements for waste treatment (art. 3); Requirements relating to harmful substances (art. 4); Requirements for mixed substances (art. 5); Limitations and prohibitions (art. 6); Additional requirements for use of biological waste on green surfaces (art. 7); Biological waste and sludge (art. 8); Monitoring of soil (art.

  9. Library Resource
    Octubre, 2009

    The Regulation prescribes the state fee amount and payment procedures for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register, and the state fee exemptions. The state fee for registering ownership rights and pledge rights in the Land Register is paid prior to the registration of such rights in the Land Register, and this payment is transferred to State basic budget.

    Implements: Land Register Law. (2004-04-22)

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