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    Mozambique, África oriental, África

    This Ministerial Decision implements the Decree that regulates the right of use and conditions for exploiting public land by establishing the procedures for consultation with the local communities on the use and property rights of land. The local community's consultation includes two phases. The first is a public meeting in order to provide information to the local community on the application for acquisition of land use rights and the identification of the boundaries of the parcel. The second relates to the duration of the consultation.

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    Malí, África, África occidental

    Le présent décret fixe les attributions, la composition et les modalités de fonctionnement des commissions foncières locales et communales.Les Commissions foncières locales et communales sont chargées de a) procéder à la conciliation des parties à un litige foncier agricole, préalablement à la saisine des juridictions compétentes; b) contribuer à l’inventaire des us et coutumes en matière foncière; c) participer à l’institution du cadastre au niveau de la collectivité concernée; d) participer à l’élaboration et à la mise en œuvre de la politique de gestion foncière de la collectivité concer

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    Uganda, África, África oriental

    This Act amends the Land Act with respect to a wide variety of matters including: Commissioner for Land Registration, organization and procedures of District Land Tribunals, annual nominal ground rent for tenancy, security of occupancy and protection of family (farm) land, restrictions on transfer of family land, and establishment of Land Committees. New sections concern, among other things: establishment of the office of the Registrar of the District Land Tribunals, registration of District Land Tribunals and supervisory powers over land tribunals.

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    Lesotho, África austral, África

    The Act makes provision with respect to titles in land, the development of selected land, and the resolution of disputes regarding land and various other matters relating to land. As a corollary to the principle that land in Lesotho is vested absolutely and irrevocably in the Basotho Nation and is held by the State, no person, other than the State, shall hold any title to land except as provided for under customary law or under this Act. Where the customary law is inconsistent with this Act, this Act shall prevail (sect. 3).

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    Sudáfrica, África austral, África

    These Regulations amend the Regulations made under the Sectional Titles Act, 1986 in regulation concerning the organization of the sectional title register and in Annexure 1 concerning a form to be prepared by the Conveyancer regarding sectional mortgage bonds

    Amends: Regulations made under the Sectional Titles Act, 1986. (1988-04-08)

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    Burkina Faso, África, África occidental

    Le présent décret détermine les conditions et les modalités d'application de la loi n° 034-2012/AN du 02 juillet 2012 portant réorganisation agraire et foncière au Burkina Faso.

    Modifie: Loi nº 24-2008 portant modifivation de la loi n°014/96/ADP portant réorganisation agraire et foncière au Burkina Faso. (2008-05-06)
    Abroge: Décret nº 97-054/PRES/PM/MEF portant conditions et modalités d'application de la loi sur la Réorganisation Agraire et Foncière au Burkina Faso. (1997-02-06)

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    Mozambique, África oriental, África

    This Decree amends article 27 establishing the obligation of consulting local community on legal procedures related to land administration and land use management. It determines that these communities should participate actively in the decision making regarding the above mentioned sectors, through the active involvement and partecipation of local consulting committees.

    Amends: Decree No. 66/98 on Land Law Regulations. (1998-12-08)

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    An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the survey of land.

    Zimbabwe, África, África oriental

    This Act provides rules relative to the survey of land. consists of 49 sections which are divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Recognition and Duties of Land Surveyors (III); Original Surveys and Re-surveys (IV); Division Surveys (V); Townships (VI); Beacons and Boundaries (VII); General Plans and Diagrams (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX).At Harare a Surveyor-General's Office is established (sect. 7). A Survey Regulations Board is established under section 8. The Board may make Regulations, with approval of the Minister, prescribing matters specified in section 9.

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    Noviembre, 2017

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Land Act, 2012, with respect to a variety of matters including administration of public land and private land, conversion of freehold or leasehold tenure, compulsory acquisition, settlement programmes, easements and analogous rights, and evictions from unlawfully occupied public land.The National Land Commission shall keep and maintain a data base of all public land and an inventory of land based natural resources.

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    Enero, 1952

    The Act declares the Conveyancing Act, 1911 of the United Kingdom to be applicable to Malawi. The Act shall, however, not apply to land registered in accordance with the Registered Land Act. In the application of the said Act to Malawi, references therein to “the court” shall be construed as references to the High Court of Malawi.

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