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    This Law for resotration fo ownership of forests and forest land entirety has as its main principle to restore the entire ownership of forests and forest land to pre-nationalisations owners, i.e. former landowners, or their heirs and legal successors, whether they were private individuals, municipalities, or legal persons such church or school. According to the Law, land shall be restored in its current status with location, area and boundaries corresponding to the date when it was expropriated (as long as those boundaries still exist, or can be recounstructed).

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    Febrero, 2013

    Le présent Acte additionnel adopte la politique qualité de la CEDEAO (ECOQUAL) et définit son cadre de mise en œuvre. En effet, ECOQUAL vise à établir un cadre pour le développement et le fonctionnement des infrastructures de qualité convenables, pertinentes et efficaces afin de faciliter le commerce intra régional et international, de protéger le consommateur et l’environnement, et de promouvoir un développement économique durable. À cet effet, les Etats membres veilleront à assurer l’harmonisation des politiques nationales de qualité avec la Politique de la qualité de la CEDEAO.

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    Julio, 1981
    Antigua y Barbuda

    The Antigua and Barbuda Constitution Order 1981, which came into effect on 31 October 1981, was promulgated simultaneously with the country's formal independence from Britain. It Consists of 127 Sections divided in ten Chapters: The State and the Constitution (I); Protection of Fundamental Rights andFreedoms of the Individual (II); The Governor-General (III); Parliament (IV); Executive Powers (V); Finance (VI); The Public Service (VII); Citizenship (VII); Judicial Provisions (IX) and Miscellaneous (X).

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    КЫРГЫЗ РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫНЫН КОНСТИТУЦИЯСЫ (КР 2010-жылдын 27-июнундагы Мыйзамы менен колдонууга киргизилди).

    Junio, 2010

    The state and its authorities shall serve for the benefit of the entire society and not a certain part thereof (Article 5). The Kyrgyz Republic shall elaborate social programs aimed at establishing decent conditions of life and free personal development as well as assistance to employment. 2. The Kyrgyz Republic shall ensure the support to socially vulnerable categories of citizens, guaranteed minimal level of labor remuneration, protection of labor and health. 3.

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