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    An Act to provide for a levy of taxes on movable and immovable property.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    The 16 sections of the Act are divided into 5 Parts: Short Title, Commencement and Interpretation (I); Administration (II); Persons to Whom this Act shall not Apply (III); Imposition of Property Tax (IV); Returns, Assessments, Appeals, Payment, recovery and Repayment, and Offences, Etc. (V). (2 Schedules)

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    An Act to provide better security of tenure for tenant rice farmers; to limit the rent payable for letting of rice lands; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    This Act provides for a further regulation of land tenure contracts between rice farmers and landlords in order to strengthen the position of the former. The Minister may establish committees which shall perform several duties in relation with the assessment of rents and the observance of conditions of contracts of tenancy in a specified area (sects. 8 to 26). The Minister may make regulations to implement provisions of this Act (sect. 55). (59 sections and 5 Schedules)

    Implemented by: Rice farmers (Security of Tenure) Regulations. (1973)

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    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Rice Farmers (Security of Tenure) Act. They regulate the procedures of application for the ascertainment of maximum rent with an Assessment Committee under section 12 of the Act. (5 regulations and 4 Forms)

    Implements: Rice Farmers (Security of Tenure) Act (Cap. 69:02). (1996)

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    An Act to regulate the Office of the Registrar of Deeds in Guyana and to amend the law relating to the execution and registration of transports, mortgages and other deeds.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    This Act makes provision with respect to duties and procedures of the Office of the Registrar of Deeds. Procedures concern, among other things, leases and mortgages.

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    An Act to provide for the partition of lands or the re-allotment of holdings, for the issue of titles therefor and to render the occupation more beneficial.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    This Act provides that the owners of (undivided) shares in any land representing more than 51 percent in any area may present a petition to the Minister for the partitioning or re-allotment of land. The Minister may appoint an officer to partition and re-allot (sect. 6). The powers of such officer are specified in section 7 to 12. Where an owner of any share or holding in land cannot be ascertained, the officer may order the share or holding to be sold by public auction (sect. 11). The Officer may determine compensation for the loss of crop (sect. 13).

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    An Act to make better provision for the maintenance and construction of sea defences.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    The 30 sections of the Act are divided into 7 Parts: Without title (sects. 1 and 2); The Sea Defence Board (I); Sea Defence Districts (II); Maintenance, Management and Construction of Sea Defences (III); Financial (IV); Offences (V); Miscellaneous (Part VI). (One Schedule: Boundaries of Sea Defence Districts).

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    An Act to secure the maintenance of the sea, river, and outer dams of estates.

    Guyana, Américas, América del Sur

    This Act concern waterworks to prevent floods and the protection of the foreshore. The 27 sections of the Act are divided into 7 Parts; Without title (sects. 1-2); Supervision of Defences (sects. 3-4); Works of Defence (sects. 5-12); Protection of Foreshore (sects. 13-16); Appeals (sects. 17); Loans for Works (sects. 18-19); Miscellaneous Provisions (sects. 20-27).Sections concerning the protection of coastal areas carry the following titles: Regulations for the protection of foreshore (sect. 13), Prohibition of Acts Endangering Foreshore (sect.

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    An Act to regulate the survey of land; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

    Namibia, África austral, África

    The Act provides for the survey of land. The 47 sections are divided into 8 Chapters: Introductory Provisions (Chap. 1); Administration of the Act (Chap. 1); Duties of Land Surveyors (Chap. 2); Original Surveys and Resurveys (Chap. 3); Division Surveys (Chap. 4); Townships (Chap. 5); Beacons and Boundaries (Chap. 6); General Plans and Diagrams (Chap. 7); Miscellaneous Provisions (Chap. 8).The Minister shall appoint a Surveyor-General to carry out the tasks specified in section 3 (sect. 2). Section 4 makes provision for the establishment of a Surveys Regulations Board.

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    An Act to make new provisions with regard to the management and distribution of national lands; to repeal the Crown lands Act, Chapter 147 of the Laws of Belize 1980; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Belice, Américas, América central

    The Act provides for a system for the disposal of national lands, i.e. lands held by the Government. National lands can be disposed of through lease (sect. 7) or sale (sect. 13). Leases are granted against payment of rent, arrears of which are recoverable in court (sect. 10). Applicants for leases in excess of 500 hectares must file an Environmental Impact Assessment, prior to the grant and every five years thereafter. The Minister has authority to impose this same requirement on applicants for leases covering a lesser land surface (sects. 9(4) and (5)).

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    Rusia, Tayikistán, Asia, Asia central

    The centrepiece of the Law on Land Reform is the creation of Special Land Funds administered by local authorities, for the assignment of user rights thereon, including, in particular, lease rights, to individuals and concerns. Private ownership of land is contemplated only as a result of the disbanding of collective enterprises (art. 14), but it is the stated policy of the Republic of Tajikistan not to restore ownership of land formerly held by "ancestors" and religious institutions (art. 2.2).

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